Wednesday 11/17/2010

Okay this is the first entry for our new CCB fishing blog and I hope people like it. I don't hunt so when the bass fishing starts to

get tough I turn to other species. Usually I start fishing for carp, catfish, or trout if they are in the water. Today I rigged my pole

with a bobber and a bread ball to see what I could catch, while I was waiting I fished for bass with my other pole. It did not

take long before my bread bait had a hit, I swung and missed, but it was a good sign. A little later my line went tight again,

this time I hooked into a really nice 12 to 15 pound carp that took about 15 minutes to get in ( fun fight ). This whole time

I was fishing for bass with my other pole and did manage two non keepers, so it was in fact action all the time. The bass

had in fact gone bye bye the last three or so days so to catch fish was a good thing. A little later my bobber line

took off again, I set the hook and a fish was on, this one ended up being a 3 LB. bullhead. So I rebaited and cast out

and while waiting I caught two more bass on my small swim bait, one was a little keeper. It made for a great day, not only

catching other fun species but in fact also catching bass. On another note how do fish know when you are away from your

pole, twice while watching my line nothing touched it, then when I walked away I turned to see my line tight and a fish pulling

on it, its just odd. A funny note, a few days earlier when I showed up at the pond there were a bunch of turkeys, in the middle

of a city, I think they were making a statement, nanny nanny nanny, its almost turkey day and you can't kill us. See you next blog.

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Friday 11/19/10

Okay today I got sort of a late start so I decided to fish for just bass. I mean why not, the last time I was out I caught four and

we have in fact had nice warm days. So its about 4:30 which gives me about an hour to fish, I start off with the small swimbait. The

sky is clear and the wind is very slight so its perfect for fishing these light swimbaits. Not very long and I have my first bite, I

swing and hook a little 7 inch bass. This little fish has in fact inhaled my 3 inch bait, good sign a fish is active enough to eat

a bait half his size that aggressive. So I keep fishing to the left of that fish, a little point with old reed stumps on it, I keep feeling

what might be bites or the stumps. Hard to tell sometimes but then suddenly after feeling what might be a bite I see a wake

turn from behind my bait. Okay at least one fish is in the area, I keep working the point and suddenly my bait stops, I set

the hook and it feels snagged. Then I feel the weight of a fish pulling back, he suddenly comes to life and starts fighting hard.

I get him in and it was in fact a nice fish... about 3 lbs, by the picture you can tell it was in fact already dark, so I was ready

to leave when a big fish surfaced right in front of me while taking this picture. So I cast around some more but caught no more fish.

A good day for late November in a small pond with only an hour to fish. See you next blog.

Sunday 11/21/10

Okay today would be a really good day to call myself not a fair weather fisherman, it has rained hard since my last

post. Friday night and Sunday morning it in fact poured, the pond has come up at least 4 inches and the water temp.

has gone down. I showed up late, again about 4:30 after the rains had stopped but with very cold winds, but I was determined to fish.

With the water temp. dropping I switched to a senko, fished it over the reed stumps I caught the other fish on. I fished for about 15

minutes and suddenly my line felt heavy, I reeled in the slack and put some pressure to the line. I felt a pulling on the line and set the

hook, fish on, it turned out to be a nice 2.5 bass. I kept fishing for the rest of daylight but I was in fact frozen, my hands were stinging

from the cold, in my right foot my toes where numb from being in my boots in the cold water. But I did in fact catch a nice bass

in one of the worst conditions, that in fact makes all the rest of it seem worth while. See you next blog.

Monday 11/22/10

Spent the day at the pond and in fact did not fish at all, I spent the day filming three new segments of tips & tricks. I spent the

most time on one show, and that is a segment I love which shows how I made my way into new water. I forged my way into the

thickest of reeds for the sole purpose of finding new water, and it paid off. I am in the process of editing the segments right now but

I will soon have them up for download, look for them ! I plan to fish in the next few days and will hopefully have some good

new blogs of how I caught good fish, but the weather has turned real nasty, I mean real nasty, frozen nights, windy days, rain, then

again that's time will tell. See you next blog.

Wednesday 11/24/10

Well I hit the pond today with plenty of time to fish, and the results were not the best, it rained yesterday and the water went up.

Good for the fact the pond is low but bad for me, about a 6 inch rise has occurred in the last few storms, that leaves me over my

boots in most places I have been catching fish. So that means I can't get out far enough to cover water I have been catching

fish, and has not given enough water to start flipping. This also has given water I use to catch fish in, that the fish left...well, enough

water to go back in these spots. So now I am stuck trying to find fish in 50 degree water that have a lot more water to explore,

and water temps that have made them inactive. I am sure I need to explore some more to see if I can find fish again, but exploring

for fish that are not that active is a tough hall. All I can hope for is more rain to flood the trees and reeds, I know these fish want

to suck up tight to cover in cold water, but its still to shallow to get up into. I'll work hard to find the bass again, but until then I

might need to fish for carp and catfish. I wish everyone happy holidays and expect to post soon. See you next blog.

Sunday 11/28/10

Spent the last three days with family and friends for the holidays, which was a really good break from fishing. Today

I went back to the pond after a day of rain on Saturday and was hoping for a rise in the water, well not so much.

The pond did come up about an inch or so but not enough to flood the reeds and timber, but I flipped anyway.

After fishing one whole side of the pond I went to the best side in the last few months, the side I can't really fish so

well because the water level has blocked me. I worked my way into the first spot and flipped just beyond the reeds I use

to stand on. I had my first flip bite but missed the fish because I was slow to realize the fish, it just felt like weight, or a snag.

When I did feel a pull back the fish dropped it, I reeled in and found teeth marks on my new brush hog, damn. So I flipped

the spot over and over but the fish never hit again. I decided to try the senko by a ledge of reed stumps I had caught fish

on before in this same area. I cast out and worked the senko real slow over the reed stumps, suddenly I felt weight

on my line. I reeled in and pulled the line another foot or so with the same spongy feel at the end of my line, then a

pull back. I set the hook into a nice almost 3lb. fish that fought real hard in this 49 degree water. I now have confidence

that the fish are still active in such cold water in this pond, so maybe hip boots to keep me exploring the rising water are in my

future. See you next blog.


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