Monday 1/2/2012

Hit the pond under sunny skies again, we have had no rain for almost a month and none is in the

forecast for the next 10 days. I do notice that the water has cleared up as I head into my first area

on the south side. I fish all the south side with the spinner bait and the jig with no action. I head

to the north side and start in the middle area with the spinner bait and the jig. No action so I go

with the wacky rigged senko and suddenly I feel weight. As I lower my rod my line takes off and

I set the hook. A nice almost 3 lb. fish puts up a good fight but I get the fish in. First fish in over

a month and it was really active when it hit, good sign. I fish a little longer then go to the next area

on this side. I work the jig with no bites so I quickly start fishing the senko. I feel a fish and my line

is moving to the left, as I get ready to set the hook the fish drops it. Yes, two bites and they were

both active not just sponge weight on the line. I see fish chasing on the surface, odd in water that

is 50 degrees or so. I throw my senko at one that has come up three times in front of me, he does

not want it. Its almost dark and I make a random cast toward the spot the last fish hit. My line is

being funny, its slacked and I do not feel the senko. Then a fish darts to the right with my bait, I

set the hook into an oh so close. Not a bad day for the middle of winter. Not sure why they are

suddenly eating, the only difference is clearer water. Now to see if today was just a fluke or if I

can catch more the next time out. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/5/2012

Well another day of bright sun and no change in the forecast for weeks to come. I start out on

the south side and hit all my areas without a bite. I then head to the shallow section on the north

side but find it nill and void of activity. I then head to the area that caught me the bigger fish the

other day. I work the jig with no bites then switch to the wacky senko. I get one fish to grab the

bait and take off but fail to hook up. With about 45 minutes of light left I hit the last area. The jig

fails to get any attention so I just hunker down and fish the senko. I work the area over and over

with no bites, I'm getting frustrated at this point. Then with very little light left I get a hit, the fish is

swimming with the bait and I set the hook. I miss the fish and next cast another fish picks up the

bait, its swimming to my left and I slam back on the rod. I miss this fish also and it took my senko,

so I put on another and fish some more. No more bites and my feet and hands are numb so I head

for the car. No fish but at least some action in the ice cold water. Until next blog.

Monday 1/9/2012

I decide to just fish the two areas on the north side today, only place I have action so why not. I

get to the first area and fish the jig for awhile, nothing wants it. I don't know why I can not get a

fish to hit a jig, its a cold water bait. I try a small crank bait but it goes to deep even when I slow

it down to a crawl. I try a spinner bait and do manage one fish to bump the bait, or I bumped him

not sure which way it went. I then head to the last area and start out with the spinner bait, it does

me no good. I again hunker down and scour the area with the wacky senko. After about half an

hour I get a fish to grab the bait. It pulls my rod tip down as I set the hook, fish on and a good

fighter at that. I get it in and its a chunky 2lb. bass that is healthy and the inside of his mouth is

all red. I hear they get that way from feeding on crawdads but not sure if its true. I release the fish

and continue throwing the senko but no other hits. I try the spinner bait for a few casts before I

head out. No action and I again leave with numb fingers and toes, damn cold water, sure hope

it warms up a bit soon. See you next blog.

Tuesday 1/10/2012

Hit the pond today in hopes of catching at least a bass after finding one active yesterday. Well it

did not go as planned. I hit the south side with the jig, but found the water to be void of any sort

of activity. So I headed to the two best areas on the north side and fished them with the jig and

senko without a bite. I even lost both of my last wacky hooks so I ended the day fishing it with

a texas rig. Sure hope we get some sort of a change in the weather, this is great for a big lake

but this pond needs some new water. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/11/2012

Not sure what's going to happen today but I am back to fish. Same weather as always, seems

like we are never going to get rain again. I head to the north side and camp out in the first area

and fish the jig and wacky senko. As I enter the area I see a dead keeper floating in the reeds,

not what you want to see. I fish the jig with no success so I go with the senko, I actually feel a

weight on my line. It feels like I am against a rock and as I hold pressure on the line its going to

the left. I drop the rod and reel in and set the hook, no fish any more. I should of just yanked

back on the rod when I felt the fish. Its hard to be focused when your fishing for three hours

for one bite. I work the area some more then head to the last area to finish up the day. I cast

and cast but haul nothing but water for the last 45 minutes. Frustrating when you know you are

not going to get many bites and you miss one. See you next blog.

Sunday 1/15/2012

Hit the pond on one of those days I should of just stayed at home. We got a change as some

clouds rolled in but it did not rain and the wind was cold. I tried to last on the north side of the

pond but only spent about a half hour in each area. The wind was about 15 miles an hour and

made casting a problem but froze me at the same time. I left and fished the dock for a while

then headed to a sheltered area on the south side. Ended the day with out a bite and a desire

for warm coco and a fire place. Good news is the high pressure that has been hanging off the

cost has weakened. Forecast is for rain on Thursday, about a 1/4 inch, but rain over the week-

end with about 3/4 of an inch. If that happens the pond should rise a few inches and spur a

bite I hope. Until next blog.

Tuesday 1/17/2012

Hit the pond for a splash and dash today, only had about 45 minutes to fish. I headed to the dock

to throw around the senko. The water is pretty shallow out in front of the dock but I thought I

would give it a try. Well I guess the fish are just not around these parts as I ended up with not a

bite. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/18/2012

Back for a normal session at the pond and the skies are still blue bird and warm. It would seem

that this is the perfect weather for bass to be active in winter. Well it might seem perfect on paper

but the fish have another answer, no activity. I sat in each of my spots on the north side for an hour

and a half with not so much as a bump. I fished the jig and the senko in both places, even switched

colors and size a couple times. At one point as I reeled my senko in and cast again I saw a wake

head out from the area I pulled the bait from. Looked like a fish following the senko as I reeled so

I tried the spinner bait around but nothing. The skies started to get cloudy as I was leaving so I am

hoping the storms they predicted happen. This pond could use more water, at this time last year I

was already flipping for them. See you next blog.

Saturday 1/21/2012

Well I get to see what two days of rain did to the water level of my pond today. I get there and it is

about three or four inches up, about the same level it was from fall rains. The winds are strong and

the sun is out with a few lingering clouds. I fish the dock for a bit since the wind is at my back. I am

fishing the wacky senko and a fish picks up the bait. I feel the fish and set the hook but miss the fish,

might of been small. I work the dock for a while longer then head down the south more sheltered,

side of the pond. I fish the senko and jig but get no takers in both areas I try. The winds have set

down a bit so I head to both areas on the north side. I work both areas with the jig and senko, I

spend a good hour and a half with no bites. I decide to head back to the shallowest area on the

north side, fish follow the water. I work that whole area with the senko but no fish, maybe a few

more inches of water might draw them in. I head back to the dock to finish the day, it got me one

bite so why not. I am working the senko and I feel something funny, sort of like I hit a rock. I am

working the bait and it still feels funny, then my line takes off to the right. I set the hook into a small

7 inch bass, little but it feels good to catch one. I thought for sure that these storms would spur a

bite, they were warm storms. Oh well maybe tomorrow they'll bite. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/22/2012

Hit the pond with very cloudy skies and as I got there the rain started. It is suppose to be light rain

until late afternoon so I got there early. The wind has shifted and is blowing straight at the dock, I

try in vain to cast into it. The light wacky rig is giving me problems so I head to the north side of the

pond. I fish the first area with no luck so I head to the shallow area. I am still believing the old saying

that the fish follow the water. I work the area with a spinner bait with no luck so I go to the south

side of the pond. I work the shallowest area with the spinner bait, no luck. I switch to the wacky

senko with the same results. I leave to the next area and fish the senko but can not get a fish to

bite. The wind has let up some so I try the dock again, fish it for about fifteen minutes without a bite.

The rain has begun again after an hour or so of no rain, looks like it might start pouring. I take this

as a clue and head back to the car, don't want to get soaked. Frustrating as I thought the fish might

turn on in these conditions. If the wind was normal I would of been able to fish my baits better. I

hope this storm brings the water up a few more inches, might be able to flip. Until next blog.

Monday 1/23/2012

Okay back to sunny skies and a normal direction wind but still not much action. I tried to flip any

water that seemed deep enough, no bites but I saw a fish shallow. I then worked my way around

the pond with all the normal baits. No bites in any of the areas that have been producing so I go

to the dock to finish up. I try the senko in all the open water for awhile but no action so I go with

the spinner bait. I cast next to the reeds and slow roll the bait, then right in front of the dock a fish

hits. I set the hook into another 7 inch bass and he has the bait pretty far down. I know they will hit

the bait so I start scanning the open water with it. I manage one more slap at the bait before the light

of day is gone. So one small fish but its a start, and he came on a moving bait. Now I am going to

try the spinner bait in more areas. I am also doing to try and flip some more, it might be thin water

but I saw one in the stuff. See you next blog.

Wednesday 1/25/2012

Did a splash and dash today, had about an hour to fish on a day that was warm. I flipped my way

to the dock with no luck. I then spent most of my time working the spinner bait off the dock. Not

a single bite this time, I then try the senko with the same results. I leave and flip a few areas on the

south side of the pond. No bites but in the last spot I tried I saw another fish leave as I walked in.

The fish was in about 6 inches of water right up against the shore, good sign for flip fish. I am going

to keep probing the shallows for a good fish since I also noticed the minnows are back shallow.

They disappeared for a bit but if they are back up the bass should follow. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/26/1012

Okay its another warm day and I am hoping it might get these fish active. I start out on the dock

and flip the water around it then throw the spinner bait. No action so I start hitting all the flip spots

that have enough water to hold fish. I work my way into the channel that connects the two halves.

I flip in the reeds and as I go to twitch the bait my rod pulls down. I set the hook but get caught

on the reeds, thinking I lost the fish I pull hard to lift the bait out. As I get it above water I see a 6

inch bass on my hook, pulled real hard for such a small fish. I then work the rest of my flip water

without a bite. I start around the whole pond working all the usual areas I do, but can not get a

single bite in open water. Seemed like the day was going to be good after that quick flip fish. I

guess I need to keep flipping and maybe find areas deep enough for big fish to get into. I would

hope for more rain but again nothing in the forecast for the next 10 days. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/28/2012

Back for another day of seeing if I can find any sort of activity from these bass. The day is warm

and it just seems perfect for these fish to feed. Well I started out flipping but found no fish in the

thin water I have. I then went around the whole pond with the senko and the jig but found got no

bites. Just don't know what it going to take to start catching constant fish again. I have time on my

side as its going to be spring in a month or so. Its going to take that or some heavy rain to bring the

water up into the brush and reeds. I got a picture of a falcon today, he flew up onto the tower while

I was fishing. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/29/2012

Back to torture myself some more but today there are some clouds hanging out. Not sure if that

will make a difference, nothing else seems to these days. I again flip the water I have, I got one

small fish to hit so I will keep trying. No success so I head to the south side and fish a surface

lure. Its a long shot in this cold water but its one thing I have not tried. I work one spot with no

action then head to the north shallow area. No action their either so I head to the middle area

and try a few casts.... nothing. I decide to try and twitch a jerk bait real slow, no action so I go

back to what's worked, the senko. I throw it for a few casts then feel weight as I go to work

the bait. It feels like its on one of the ridges on the bottom but the pressure stays to long to be

a ridge. I hold the rod still and my line starts moving to the right, I slam back on the rod. Its a

good fish that fights real hard even in the cold water. A good 2lb. bass, about time I catch a

fish bigger then 6 inches. I fish the area for a bit longer then head to the last area. I fish the spot

with the jerk bait first, no takers so back to the senko. I try in vain to get another fish but its not

happening so I go to the dock to finish. The dock proves fruitless so I head to the car, at least I

got one keeper to eat. See you next blog.


Sort of happy about getting a keeper yesterday and I want to keep the roll going. Its sunny and

I flip all my water without a bite, although I saw a fish leave one area. I am just going to sit in the

two areas on the north side today. They have provided all the keepers this month so it seems like

my best shot at a keeper today. I work the first area for an hour and a half with no action, then

go to the next. I work that area for almost two hours without a bite, so much for a keeper two

days in a row. I am taking a few days off, then come back fresh and ready for these fish to start

feeding. Until next blog.


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