Tuesday 1/1/2013

First day of a new year and I am at the pond to see if I can catch the first bass of the year. It is really cold

as I head to all my flipping water. I work the flip water with no action then fish open water. I work all the

usual areas but come back to the car with casting practice. My hands are freezing as I decide to check the

water temperature, 45 degrees. That's about the coldest I have recorded at the pond, might be why these fish

have lock jaw. I'll keep trying but I am sure it is going to be a slow haul for awhile. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/2/2013

Back for another round and today is a bit warmer then it was yesterday. Although that makes the day more

pleasant the water has not changed at all. I work the usual pattern and come back at the end of the day with

the same results. I did however see a small bass leave the shallows twice in the same spot. He was there on

my first pass then was back on my way back through the area. At least some bass want to come into the

reeds to try and feed , it is just a matter of putting a bait in front of one. I am hoping for some rain but the ten

day forecast shows nothing much. The average for the month is 4 inches, if we get that much the pond will be

a foot deeper or more. That will make it higher then all of last year and last year it was at its fullest in March.

At the current level it is about five inches lower then it was all of last year. I am pretty confident that this pond

will reach the levels I enjoyed in 2010 and 2011. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/3/2013

Hit the pond on another pretty warm day, although last night we did have some more frost. I head out and

hit all the flip water with no bites, but again saw a fish leave an area. I even spent some time clearing out an

area so I can flip it better, good ol pruning sheers. I then spent some time fishing the drop shot in some of the

open water on the south side. No takers so I head into the shallow area and try the spinner bait and the drop

shot. Second cast with the drop shot and I feel weight and my line is moving to the right. I set the hook but

missed the fish, teeth marks all the way down the worm. No more takers so I try the drop shot in the duck

area but no action. Okay with the water this cold I guess its slow down time. A fish in the shallow area and

it did not want the spinner bait but hit the slow worm. Going to try the Gotcha stick tomorrow and see if that

can get me a fish. Until next blog.

Friday 1/4/2013

Off to my flipping water on another nice warm day. I again work all the areas without a bite, but again see

a fish shallow. The fish I am seeing are right on shore, they are small and in maybe six inches of water. I

just can't get to them before they see me and take off. It makes me want to keep flipping even though I am

not getting bites. Okay now I head to the car and get my other poles and head into the shallow area. I try

the drop shot first, then the spinner bait with no success. I switch to the wacky Gotcha stick and first cast a

little fish grabs it. I cast to where the fish yesterday took the drop shot, I move the bait a bit and feel a fish.

I set the hook into a nice 2lb. bass that fights hard in the cold water. I try all over the area with the bait but

can not get another bite. I work the duck area with the Gotcha stick but get no more fish for the day. My

first bass of the new year and it was a keeper, now for more and bigger. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/5/2013

Okay happy about the fact I caught my first bass of the year and head to all the flipping water. We are

suppose to have a storm tonight and its cloudy as I get to the pond. I hit up all the flipping water but I

end up blanking again. One day I am going to get another bass to hit flipping, but January is always a

slow flip month. I then work all the open water with the gotcha stick but fail to get any bites. As I am

starting to fish the duck area the rain starts, bummer for fishing but good for the pond. As I head out

form the parkinglot the rain gets a bit harder. Hopefully its enough over night to raise the pond. See you

next blog.

Monday 1/7/2013

Hit the pond and realize the water did come up, not much, maybe an inch or so but its up. I hit the dock

and flip and toss the gotcha stick, just haul water. I then head back to the duck area and flip from there

on my way down the pond. First flip and a bass takes off with the bait pulling my rod down. I go to set

the hook and miss the fish but get snagged. I have to break off, damn, it has been awhile since a flip bite

and I miss it. I continue down the pond flipping but end up with no more takers. I work the open water

at the last flip area and first cast snag the gotcha stick. I have to break it off, two break offs and I just got

started. I go to the shallow area and find no takers on the gotcha stick. I then get snagged and have to

break it off for a third time. Frustrated I leave to finish the day in the duck area. I work the gotcha stick

then try the spinner bait until dark. Finish the day with one bite and in a flipping spot I have only maybe

had three bites ever. I will try the spot tomorrow and be more focused. Until next blog.

Tuesday 1/8/2013

Have a full day of fishing at the pond so I head to the dock to flip and work the open water. Well no luck

so its off to all the other flipping water. I work down my water but find no fish, I hate January for flipping.

I am still going to go through the routine every day, does not take much time and it only takes one flip to

make me happy. I stay in the last area and throw to the open water and haul water. I then head to the only

area that has been constant, the shallow area. I work the gotcha stik and suddenly my line is heading into

the reeds. I set the hook and launch a 8 inch bass five feet towards me as it comes unbuttoned mid flight.

I throw to the same area and feel another bite, I set the hook and its a bigger fish. It is an oh so close, I

think this fish is why the small one grabbed it and headed into the reeds. No more action so I finish in the

duck area but leave with only the two fish. Not bad, two fish in 45 degree water in January. But if the way

its been keeps up, this means no fish in the shallow area for a few days. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/9/2013

Back for a day that is suppose to end with some rain and it is has been cloudy all day. I work all the flip

water without a bite then decide to just go to the shallow area. I work the area with the gotcha stik but

as I thought might happen I get nothing. It starts to mist a bit as I finish up in the shallow area. I head to

the duck area and the rain gets harder, then the wind increase by 10 mph. I am getting soaked so I just

pack it in for the day. I hope it is enough of a storm to raise the water if I can't fish. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/10/2013

The rain last night did not do much for the pond, maybe a 1/4 of an inch at most. But the problem for

today is the winds are up, way up. They must be blowing 15 to 20 mph so I go to the dock and hide

out for over an hour. I don't even try and flip in the wind so I go to the shallow area. The wind is hitting

the area pretty hard but I give it a go. After about 15 minutes I call it quits, my hands are stinging and I

can not work my bait, and the sun is still up. Two early days in a row but I am not to bumbed since the

bite has been, well lets just say poopy. Until next blog.

Friday 1/11/2013

Still more wind as I head to the pond today, a little better then yesterday but still bad. I work the dock

with no bites, then flip with no bites. I go to the shallow area and the duck area and do the usual routine

but blank. No fish but I managed to stay until dark even with the wind. We are going to have some sun

and stable weather for a week or so, at least that's the forecast. I want good storms but it is early in the

year and the pond has some good water now so some sun might be nice. The pond might drop a couple

inches with a week of no rain but more good storms are in the future. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/12/2013

Another sunny and sort of warm day at the pond, and the wind is down. Now to see if maybe I can get

a fish. I work all the flip water, and fish the open water at the dock with no success. I head into the one

area that might produce, the shallow area. I work the little corner of the spot that has produced four of

the fish I have caught here, nothing. I then work an edge of the reeds I can cast to and feel a bite. I lift

up on the line and feel the fish swimming with the gotcha stick and set the hook. It is a little 8 to 9 inch

bass that jumps a couple times before I lip it. I work the rest of the area for a half our but no more bites

so its off to the duck area. Work the area until dark but no more action and my hands are stinging from

the cold. The water is still 45 degrees but the nights are suppose to be below freezing the next few days

so it might drop even more. I still think I can manage a fish here and there anyway. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/14/2013

Cold , cold, cold, would be a good description of the day. We have had this cold north wind that is

bone chilling to say the least. I worked the dock flipping to start but did not attempt to fish the open

water since the wind is blowing right at me. I then worked all the other flip water, found nothing but

did see three fish leave the shallows. They are still hanging around the shallows but sitting right on the

shore. I then move to the shallow area and fish the gotcha stik, the wind direction has it missing the

area. I cast into the corner that's been consistent and let the bait drop. As I go to pick it up my line

jumps and I feel a hard tap. I slam back my rod and snap the line clean off, did not feel the fish. My

line was over a reed so I had slack before the fish, the force of my hook set and that slack was to

much for the 10 lb. line. I try all over the area but find no more fish willing to play. I finish in the duck

area but one and done is the theme for the day. We have no rain in the 10 day forecast and it is going

to warm up by the end of the week. Maybe that will spur a bite. Until next blog.

Monday 1/15/2013

Sure wish the warm trend would hit because today I was frickin freezing again. My hands were so

cold they were stinging and I had over an hour to fish. I tried all the usual areas and even gave the

spinner bait a try but found nothing. The same cold wind was blowing from the north and the frost

did not leave the shade until after ten this morning. The shallows are void of even the minnows now,

that's a sure sign winter has set in. I will keep fishing for the one bite a day and dream of a day the

pond fills up more and warms a bit. See you next blog.

Tuesday 1/ 16/2013

Really getting tired of this cold weather, would not be so bad if I was getting bites. I again spent

hours at the pond and drew a blank. It seems like I would run across at least one bass willing to

eat. Then again in this cold water one meal can last them for days before they eat again, cuts down

your odds. The water is slowly dropping again, it has come down almost an inch by what I can tell.

Just what you get being a bass fisherman that fishes all year long. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/17/2013

Hit the pond and it was actually a lot warmer today, the weather people were right. Headed to the

dock and started flipping. Flip into the spot that has produced the most bites so far and I feel weight. I

pick up and hold on the weight, no movement but I set the hook anyway. Sure enough it was a

little keeper on a new flipping/dropping bug we are producing. Happy about that I flip the rest of the

dock but no more action. I work the open water with the bug but fail to get a bite and head off to

flip my other water. No more flip action so I head into the shallow area and cast the gotcha stik. No

bites so I try the bug and the spinnerbait, nothing. I finish in the duck area but can not get anything

else for the day. Great start for a new bait, just got the proto type Monday, the second day I fish it

I catch a keeper. Hope the trend continues. Until next blog.

Monday 1/21/2013

Okay I have actually fished a couple days before this blog but since I blanked, oh wait one bite, I

did not post. I also had a computer go down, my internet computer, I have been scrambling to get a

new one and set it up. Today I did fish but blanked again, we have had warm days but really cold

nights. It would seem like the water would of warmed up to most, but it is still 48 degrees. Only a

degree or so up since the days have been cold. I will keep fishing and the good news is there are

some chances of rain again in the forecast. The water has dropped about two inches or so since it

was at its highest. No worries because it usually does not reach its peak for the year until March.

It is further along already over last year. Until next blog.

Friday 1/25/2013

Head to the pond after two days of rain but not enough to do anything to the water level. But since

the nights have been warmer the pond is actually 53 degrees now. It was 48 the last time I checked

it so it might make a difference. I start out flipping all my water that is becoming shallower by the week.

No bites but I did see one bass head out of an area as I walked in. I then head to the shallow area

and get one bite on our new flippin/droppin bug. I was drop shotting it and a small fish grabbed it and

took off. I then try the dock and the duck area but one fish is all I could get to bite. I might try the open

water on the south side tomorrow. They seem to not be in the shallow area like they were after the

water first came up. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/26/2013

Hit the pond under very adverse conditions today, wind up to 20 mph and cold. I hide out on the dock

and fish the open water with all kinds of baits. I find no active fish so I flip the dock then all the other

water without a bite. I try the shallow area but the wind is to strong to fish it, so back to the dock. I am

fishing the open water for awhile and my friend shows up. We fish and talk then he says he is going to

the duck area, I say good luck. I fish awhile longer then try the shallow area again, still to windy. I then

head to the duck area and ask my friend how many he's caught. I am joking but he says one about 2 lb.

I am shocked. He then gets another small bass to hit the spinner bait but it jumps off. We both fish until

we get to cold with no more bites. I have fished the duck area for weeks without a bite and he shows

up and catches two, one a keeper. Oh well that's fishing I guess. I took a water reading and it is up to

55 degrees, warm nights help. Maybe these fish will wake up and start hitting more often, I have seen

the minnows are back in the shallows. Now for heavy rains in Feb. and March to bring the pond up to

full pool. See you next blog.

Sunday 1/27/2013

The winds are down and it is pretty nice as I head to the pond. I work the dock but find nothing again

so I flip, and find nothing again. Since the winds are down I work all three open water areas on the

south side. Nice idea and good looking water but I get no action, I only fished the spinner bait. I then

fish the shallow area with the spinner bait but blank. As I head to the car to get my other pole my friend

is heading out. I go back to the shallow area and get a bite on the gotcha stick. I work the area for a bit

and my friend shows up. I tell him I got a bite and he says he has had nothing so far. He fishes a bit then

heads to the duck area. I switch to the drop shot with a dropin stick and work the spot the fish hit in. I

get a bass to do a grab and dash so I keep working the spot. I then feel weight as if I am stuck but see

a fin from a fish on the surface. I set the hook into a good 3lb. bass that has a fat full belly. I then leave

and go to the duck area, I tell my friend about the bass. He wants to learn how to rig up the drop shot

so I show him. We fish awhile longer with no action and head out. The fish seem to be feeding pretty

good right now, just a matter of putting a bait in front of them. Until next blog.

Monday 1/28/2013

Okay looking to catch more bass after yesterday so I head off to do the usual trek. I find no fish

for the first couple hours. I try the shallow area a little early and as I am fishing my friend shows up

with a drop shot rig. We both fish for a bit then I try the dock, no luck again so I go to the duck

area. My friend is already there and we fish until dark with nothing. The pond serves up another

shut out as my friend says. I know these bass are feeding but you need to drop it on there head to

get them to bite. No real rain in the 10 day forecast so I guess the pond is just going to keep a

steady lowering for awhile. Until next blog.

Tuesday 1/29/2013

I go to the dock today to film a few segments and a guy is fishing. He says " hay I just watched

your videos on youtube last night ". I guess you can add one more person to the list of people I

am going to see fishing this year. We dock talk for awhile and he heads off to try other areas and

I film. I get done and flip the dock with no bites and head to the car to put away my cameras. I go

back to the dock and fish the open water and another person shows up to fish. He is someone

that fished last year a few times, I fish and he asks questions. I leave to the shallow area and he

goes to the duck area. I find no action and head to the duck area to finish off and both of them

are fishing the spot. So a crowd of three fish until dark, none of us having and luck. Well I guess

the pond served up another shut out. I did see a couple small bass hit the surface off the dock,

good sign there at least trying to get active. Until next blog.


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