Sunday 1/2/2011

Well I hit the pond today under the worst winter conditions, since my last visit it has been windy and cold with on

and off rain. Last night a pretty big storm rolled thru with 15 to 25 mph winds and the water rose 5 inches or so.

The water temperature also fell, I got a reading of 48 degrees, the coldest so far this winter. So again I start flipping

all the new water on the south side, then hitting the open water I can reach with the senko. All the way down the south

side without a hit, not even a crawdad, in water that looks so good you drool. So I head back to the most open water

and fish the whole area with the buzz bait, nothing. Now on to the north side to find that the water rise has left me little

area to fish. Only two spots and getting to them is a bit of a hassle, walking thru knee high water and reeds that wrap

around your legs. So I flip the outer areas then wade in further to cast the senko to open water, the wind settled down

leaving glassy water. I work all the ditch edges and the stumps I can cast to, but again not even a tap. So I guess I

wait until some warmer weather to get these fish active, if it rises into the mid 50's they should want to feed. I did

do pretty well the day I found 56 degree water and it does not take to many warm days and nights for this pond to

warm up. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/5/2011

Well hit the pond today after two days of sunny weather, highs in the 60's both days but the water actually dropped

a degree. That's right I got several readings in different places of 47 degrees, Short days and longer nights in the high

30's low 40's won't let the water warm up. So I hit all the flip spots and again not a hit so I fished the open water on

the south side with the senko. Again nothing but I did spook a bass next to the reeds, I must of cast right on top of

him and he shot into the reeds. I saw his tail out of the water as he wiggled his way back out of the reeds. I know

there at least in the area now, so with a little warmer water I might actually catch one. I head to the north side and

fish the two spots, flip then senko with nothing but water. I did see a lot of carp activity in the open water, they were

flopping on the surface, maybe a day of carp fishing is in my future. I took a few shots of some of the great looking

flipping water, all this water is 1 to 3 feet deep, deeper then when I last flipped bass out of this water. See you next



Thursday 1/6/2011

Back to back days at the pond so I decided to switch it up today and fish the jr. spook over all the open water

on the south side. I figure maybe I can get a reaction bite if I go right over the top of one, yesterday I did spook

one sitting right under the surface. Well good idea but no takers for the spook so I head down the south side flip-

ping all the water I can find. Did realize I never see any activity in the shallows, when the flip bite was on I always

saw fish dart out of the shallows. This cold and really clear water has them not feeling safe being that shallow with

such a slow metabolism, at least that's my theory. I do think they are just hanging out in open water suspended and

waiting for warmer water to transition to spawn mode. So I head back to the open water and fish the little swim

bait all over the area, again nothing, this is getting to be a recurring theme for January. I decide to try a new spot

at the far end of the north side, not sure if I can still fish it but right now I'll try any new water. I make my way in

and try the buzzbait over all this new water, same as before, nothing but working a bait. I head to the only spot that

has produced a fish in the past couple weeks and fish the senko over the ditch and stumps. So January has proved

to be tough, I hate to say it but nothing but water with the senko after about 30 minute of working my best water.

So no fish yet in January, but I did catch a good sunset today. See you next blog.

Friday 1/7/2011

Well to torture myself even more I headed back to the pond today with clear sunny skies and temps in the 60's.

I headed to my first spots for flipping and to my surprise I had some activity, I was flipping the deeper channel

that connects the two halves on this pond. I brought the brush hog up over a reed I flipped over when I saw

a up welling of water behind it, the bait then dropped down into the water again. I let it sink a foot or

so and when I brought it out of the water another up welling of water behind it. I bass chassed it twice but

turned before grabbing the bait, a good sign that there at least trying to be active in this still 48 degree water.

Another good sign is this channel is a staging area for them while waiting to move into the west side of the pond

which has a lot more spawning sights. So a little warmer water and longer days and I might find more bass in

this channel. So I didn't flip any more water because I had only a little time to fish, off to the north spot to fish

the senko and swimbait. After fishing both baits around for about 40 minutes with no success I headed home

with two frozen feet from this 48 degree water. See you next blog.

Saturday 1/8/2011

Okay was going to try for some of the active carp but with that one fishes activity yesterday the bass have

sucked me back in. So I head to the spot that the fish chased my bait and flipped it right in the same spot

a few times with nothing. So I step into the water a little further to flip to some other water and a fish spooks

right from the spot that fish was sitting yesterday. He was still there although didn't hit my brush hog today, but

now I know he's hanging out there so I'll catch him one day. I head down the whole south side flipping all the

great looking water but find no activity, then fish the south side open water with the senko.... nothing. Off to

the north spot and begin with the swimbait, hoping with the sign of an active fish they will hit an open water bait.

Well three casts in and I had a follow, I drought the bait out to cast again and a fish turned and darted from

the spot I just took the bait out of. Okay no fish yet in January but I am starting to see activity which gives me

hope I will catch a bass in this coldest month. I finished up in the spot with the senko hoping maybe the follow

fish might hit another slower bait, good idea but natta. Oh well another day of being frozen for no fish, I am

praying for warm days and nights to bring this water out of the high 40's. See you next blog.

Wednesday 1/12/2011

Hit the pond today after some really interesting days I did not fish, Sunday night we had a hard freeze, I mean

the frost did not melt until 10 in the morning. After that I was thinking the worst but the next two nights were warmer,

and we had light rain tuesday night with again much warmer weather. So today it was sunny and warm all day

and I started hoping the flip bite might happen. I fished one spot with deeper water in the reeds with nothing on the

brush hog, then headed to more open water. I keep flipping water that always produced when the water was this level

knowing time will equal the same results. Well I had a clue early when I waded into the open water to fish, I

spooked a fish sitting in a nook in the reeds, never a fish shallow until this. So I fished the senko around the open

water with not a bite... looking forward to flipping some of the other great water, with my knowledge of spooking a

shallow fish. That shallow fish meant the bite might be on and well... in a little more then 15 minutes I found out. I

flipped into some reeds and felt some weight, I dropped my rod then picked up to be met half way by a fish pulling

back. I set the hook into a really nice 2.75 bass, my first fish in this coldest of months and caught with a technique

I knew would produce. The water is now at 51 degrees, cold yes, but just a few days ago it was at 47 degrees and

that was as cold as it has been this season. So I head down the south side and flip some more, nothing most of the

way but then a fish, I flipped over a bunch of reeds and when I picked up my line a fish pulled back. I set the hook

into an even nicer 3 plus bass, he got himself behind the reeds and I had to wade into him to get the fish. Two fish

flipping with nothing else to this point, even with the rise in the water, I stayed with the fact I knew they would get up

into the thick stuff sooner or later. I ended the day on the north side fishing the senko in open stump and ditch filled

water, well that ended in not a bite. That one fish in the channel that missed my bait signaled a change and the fact is

today it came true, they are staging for the spawn already. This might lead to faster baits along with flipping, only time

will tell. See you next blog.


Thursday 1/13/ 2011

Okay very excited to get back to fishing today after the results of yesterday and the fact it was warmer last night,

with warm sunny skies today. So I start out flipping in my one deeper spot with nothing, then head to the open water

with the buzzbait tied on. The water is still at 51 degrees so they should be active enough to hit a faster bait, well in

theory a good idea but no takers. So off to flip all the south side water, I flipped a few spots, saw a fish leave the

shallows so I'm excited. I work my way to the channel and suddenly a fish picks up the brush hog, I set the hook,

fish on. He comes to the surface and comes unbuttoned, fish off, but a really good feeling to have back to back

days with fish hitting. I continued down the south side with no more takers for the brush hog so I head to the north

side to fish the buzz. I work my way into the best spot and fish the buzz all over but nothing wants to eat it yet. So

one good fish on and seeing some fish shallow, a really good sign. See you next blog.

Friday 1/14/2011

Again off to fish and it should be a good one, last night we had tully fog and the air temp was 55 at midnight, a lot

warmer then it has been. So I again am going to switch between the brush hog and the buzz since my first water

check showed 56 degrees. I flipped a few spot with no sign of fish so I hit the open water and explore with the buzz

bait. No takers but as I leave the area I wonder thru a area that has a lot of standing willow trees just to see if any

fish leave the area. Well I walk in and sure enough a fish darts from next to a willow, I continue a little further and

another fish darts off to deeper water. Okay I'll work the rest of the flip water and flip this area on my way back,

well I worked the rest of my water with no takers. So back to the willows to see if I can flip one of those bass out,

I head in slow and start flipping. I get a few flips in and suddenly a fish spooks and takes off, I work a few more

flips and another fish spooks from the same spot, damn. This area is only about 8 inches deep and very clear so

its hard to get a bait to them before they see you. I decide to head to my furthest away spot on the north side

and try the buzz. I work the area focusing on the old fence posts that run thru this spot and suddenly a fish hits

my bait and pulls it under. I set the hook but the fish just sort of bumped it, a fish hit the buzz and that's got my

blood pumping. I fish over the spot a few more times but the fish never reappears so I head to one more spot

before I lose light. I cast the buzz over the top of a stump field and about three casts in another fish hits and pulls

it under. I set the hook again but the fish did the same thing, just a bump, they seem to do that a lot in this colder

water with topwater baits. I did test the water on this side and its 53 degrees, so maybe tomorrow I'll try the swim

bait along with the brush hog and buzz bait. See you next blog.

Saturday 1/15/2011

Well I thought today with still warmer days would turn out to be a really great day, not so much and the fact is no fish.

I fished every great area and did in fact spook three fish while wondering around my flip water, but nothing to show for

my effort. It took me until the last 10 minutes of light to even get a hit, I worked the buzz over all the open water but had

no takers like I did yesterday. So with the light of day fading I tied on the swim bait and cast in water I had not been to in

awhile. Two casts in and a fish taps at the bait, but just as quickly lets it go, all this time and one little tap, tap is all I get.

The fish seemed to be ready to explode and with warmer weather the bite has died off, I guess that's what you get in

winter fishing. The water is 54 degrees which should be plenty warm enough for action, I guess I just need to keep trying

and see what happens. See you next blog.

Sunday 1/16/2011

Showed up today at the pond with only about an hour to fish so I started flipping the best water so far, not long into my

time I felt the cathunk of a fish. I was flipping the only wood in the pond that at this time has enough water for fish, I set

the hook but missed the fish. Then I saw the fish scurry over a log and head to deeper water, well a much better start

then yesterday. So I quickly move thru some more flip water with the intent to go back to open water and fish the buzz

bait. No takers flipping so I head to open water that I do not usually fish late in the day to see if maybe I can catch a fish

on the buzz. A few casts in and I feel weight and the buzz slowly goes under water, I set the hook but nothing, might of

been a tully floating that I came across. I cast over the spot again and again with no such feeling, then a few feet further

in the same thing happens. Okay that had to be a fish, small maybe or just lethargic bass just sort of mouthing the bait,

either way is was action. Then a few cast later right in front of me I see my buzz dart to the side as a little fish hit the

trailer. That in mind I switch to the swim bait to see if I can find out what's playing with my buzz bait. Well two casts in

and I get my answer, the bait hits the water, I reel a few times and feel weight as I see my line darting to the right, I set

the hook. A 7 inch bass jumps and the little fight is on, I get him in and he has the 3 inch swim bait all the way down his

throat. This is a good sign, no small fish for about a month, know quite a few being active, its winter keep in mind so I am

not going to think its on, just promising. See you next blog.

Monday 1/17/2011

Well again we had tully fog last night so it did in fact not get that cold so the water might of warmed up, or al least be the

same. The water reads 56 so I am pretty excited about the prospects of today's fishing. I flip a few spots and find nothing

so I scan the open water on the south side with the swim bait. No takers so off to all the flip water on the south side, again

no takers in all the great places to flip on the south side. On my way to the north side I decide to do a little pruning, the

water around the wood has a lot of little branches blocking my flips. Well not any more, after about 15 minutes of ripping

out branches I have opened up all the water. Now when I come back in a few days I can probe all the lay downs and

bigger stumps that line this strip of shoreline. So off to my furthest away spot on the north side, I flip my way in then

fish the buzz around all the fence posts with no success. Off to another spot to fish the buzz and on the fourth cast I feel

weight and set the hook. I pull the little fish right out of the water, then he just layed on his side the whole way in to

shore. These little fish might be what's been hitting the whole time, so I switch to the swim bait to see if I can find bigger

fish. A few cast in I feel a tap and set the hook, my line shoots to the left, fish on! I get him close to shore and he comes

to the surface and spits the bait, it was about a 10 incher, at least there getting bigger. I head to the last spot with a few

minutes of light left, I had one tap the swim bait here last time. I am casting over the whole area when I feel weight on the

line but set the hook into water. Might of come over the back of a wondering carp, done that quite a bit with the swim

bait. So tomorrow I think I will go back to the senko in this water, got excited about fish hitting faster baits but they all

seem to be small. See you next blog.

Wednesday 1/19/2011

Well again the weather has been perfect and in the high 60's all day long with nights only getting into the high 40's. So

I am thinking the fish should be pretty active, well they aren't for some reason as I flip all my water without a bite. I

then head to open water on the south side and fish around the swim bait. I suddenly feel some wait so I set the hook

and start reeling in something heavy. As it comes to the surface I can't tell what it is but then it gets closer, I caught a 6

to 8lb. teddy bear right in the paw, thats a first. After that I decide to head to the north shore to see if maybe fish are

active on that side. I fish the furthest spot throwing the buzz around all the fence posts....nothing, switch to the swim bait

with the same results. Head to a second spot and throw the senko to the stumps and ditches but draw nothing but water.

So I switch to the swim bait and throw it all over the place...nothing, back to the senko again...nothing. With only about

20 minutes of light left I try the swim bait again, about four casts in a little one grabs it as its almost in. Then another few

casts and the same thing happens, at least its some sort of action. I cast out this time and a little one grads it further out,

I set the hook into the little guy but he jumps and spits the bait. One last spot to head to with the same results, 3 or 4

little guys grabbing the bait but none stay on for more then a few feet. Can't understand how the little fish are now so

active, but no keepers....oh well I'll blame it on winter. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/20/2011

Back to the pond feeling like I am going insane doing the same thing over and over with the same results, so I am

going to switch it up. I flip the south side but change to a little curly tail robo worm, a more finesse bait that might

get me a bite. I like the idea but it leads to the same results as the brush hog...nothing, although I did spook a fish

sitting shallow. I then hit the open water with the buzz with nothing but hauling water, off to the north shore a little

early this time. I hit all the spots with the usual lures and again as of late nothing, so I put on a rattle trap to see if I

can maybe get a reaction bite. No luck so I try a jerk bait over all the same water since it is another bait I have'nt

thrown in a while, witch leads to the same ending. I have been looking at the south side this whole time at water I

have not touched in months. I head to the spot, work my way into open water thru the reeds then start throwing

the buzz bait. This side is shallower with a lot of reed stumps on the bottom, maybe that's where the big fish have

gone. Again good idea but after the buzz and swim bait over all the water, its a ghost town out here. Then I try the

usual open water with the sun just about to set, work the whole area but nothing wants to eat. I quickly go back to

the north shore spot where the little ones hit yesterday to at least get some sort of action. Nothing to be seen at this

spot on the swim bait, so I switch to a swim bait I modifie