Thursday 1/2/2014

Head to Pinto for my first day with the trolling motor and battery. Nice warm day and I have a lot of places

I want to try. I head to an area that is left of the launch ramp and try one of our flat side cranks. Right away

I catch a keeper, then a small fish then another keeper. I feel great as I head to an area I have seen my friend

Kevin fish. I work the area as Kevin shows up, asking who's in his spot. He fishes in front of me as I work the

crank, he catches a dink on a worm. I fish ahead of him then leave to another area known as the pump house.

I catch four fish on our finesse jig as Kevin shows up and asks how I am doing. I tell Him and say I am going

back to where he was to fish the jig. Before I leave I catch an almost 2lb. Crappie on the jig off a log I was

snagged on. Back to his area I catch a 3.5 lb. bass and a dink in the spot before I head to another area. I fish

the area I caught the fish on the crank in the morning but find no takers. Good first day out on the boat, I filmed

it and the show will be done soon. Hope all boat days are as good. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/4/2014

Back for another day on the boat, but I fish from shore for the first hour or so. No fish from shore so I head

out on the boat. After the first trip I am expecting great things, you don't always get what your expecting. I

get no action on the crank bait, okay might of been the situation. I then get no action on the finesse jig, in any

of the areas I caught them two days ago. I work both areas that produced fish the other day and get no bites.

I finally go back through the first spot I tried with the crank bait and catch a bass on the jig. Time is up and I

need to return the boat, then I fish from shore. In ten minutes from shore on the point with the rock piles I get

two bass. One is a little keeper and the other is about 10 inches, really, from shore. Why did I go out on the

boat if the fish are right here, oh well live and learn. Next time I hope the boat is better then shore, or at least

I catch the same amount from both. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/8/2014

Back for another boat session that I hope to film, not sure why I expect it after the last day. So I head out

with a new bait, one of our flipping jigs. I lost so many of our finesse jigs the last time out, the fish are on

wood and its non-weedless. So I work it in the area I started with the crank the last times out. I catch a

good 2lb. bass from the begriming of the area, then no other bites. I then catch one keeper bass in both the

other areas I try. I work through all the areas one more time before I have to return the boat. No more fish

so its back to shore to give it a try. Nothing this time around so I head back home with three fish on film. I

might need to make this a two part filming if its going to be aired. See you next blog.

Thursday 1/9/2014

Okay second day with the boat and fishing from shore first. I have a new plan this time, yesterday I talked

to my friend Rick and he said a friend was catching them flicking a 3 inch senko. So I start out flicking from

shore with the 4 inch Gotcha stick on the 1/8 oz. head. I catch a good four pound bass next to the dock. I

keep this rig set up for the boat and fish it almost the whole time. I catch one keeper in each of the areas I

have been fishing. It was a good day for winter but the first day out I caught ten, what happen to the fish. I

filmed it and it will be a good show with both days put into one. That said I need to find a way to catch more

fish in a day, I need a faster moving bait to try. My friend Rick said he caught some on a jerk bait, I can try

that to cover more water quicker. Maybe a spinnerbait, or bladed jig might be the key, either way I will be

back on the boat with new choices next time. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/11/2014

Back for another day with the boat and some filming, well maybe. I want to see if I can find another bite,

don't want to do the same old lures. I fish from shore for about an hour or so but find nothing. Two boats

launch while I wait to take out the boat. They head to the right side of the lake, I want to head left. I get

the boat and head out to the first spot, I flick the gotcha stick. No takers in the area I usually get a fish, or

at least the last times out. I get to an area I said I would work thru fast with a moving bait. I have the jitter

jig tied on, wanted to fish it but never threw it yet. Glad I did, within ten minutes I have two keepers. I

then head to an area I know there are fish but start out further down. The fish I got were in a shallow area

between deeper water, the area I start is shallower. I catch three fish in the first fifteen minutes, one will go

about four pounds. I catch two more working down the shore, all on the jitter jig. I reach the end of the

area and go to the pump house, the jitter jig blanks. The waters deeper so I try the jig and catch a 2 lb.

on it. I go back to the jitter jig area and work it in the opposite direction, I add three more fish. Time is

running out so I go back to were I caught the first fish. I add another 3 lb. fish to end the day on the jitter

jig. Wow, what a great day, 11 fish on a bait I never threw to this point. Hope its a pattern that sticks

around, I want to try some other colors of the bait. I filmed the show and can not wait to edit it and get it

uploaded. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/12/2014

Today I just took a day off from Pinto and hung out at the pond. It was a nice day with little wind and

I had not been there in awhile. The cormorant was still hanging out, not a good sign for the fish still alive.

The fish were all over the area I have to fish but I could not get a hook in them. I think I missed at least

10 or 15 fish, its the small hooks. I tried every way I could to hook them, fast hook sets, waiting until

I felt them then setting. I would lift some of there heads out of the water and they would still pop off.

I did hook one about 6 lb. carp but I snagged him after missing a fish. I need to go back to the hook

size that worked, a number six not the number 8. I will be back to the pond on friday with the number

six and see if I can hook more fish. Until next blog.

Tuesday 1/14/2014

I spent all last night making up a mono pole with a clamp attached for filming on the boat. I want a

camera on me all the time to capture the fish being hooked. Then I will do the close up with my hand

held camera after landing the fish. Its the way I started filming my shows back when I had my bass

boat. So I get to the lake and I notice the rental boat is already out. They are not due back until 12

thirty which is to late to film. I take the boat any way, I only have about 2.5 hours to fish not the usual

4 hours. I work the Jitter jig in the, at this time pretty strong wind. I work the areas I caught them the

last time out and manage two pretty good bass. I then catch a dink on the flipping jig by the pump house.

I did catch one of the bass on a different color Jitter jig which is good. It is our California craw, figure

with the craw bite they are on it would work. Now that's two dark colors I've caught them on, time

to try a lighter color. So I get back to shore with three fish, not bad, and now I test the camera mount.

Design flaw right away, the bottom of the mono pole sticks past the clamp bar. The clamp does not get

a good grip on the boat and it flops around. Need to cut the pole flush and maybe add 2 x 4 blocks to

the clamp bar to make it wider. The other problem is the camera is not very far behind me, the lens is

not that wide so the view might be just my upper body. Oh well I have a new design that puts the pole

on a sliding bar that will extend it further behind me. I'll get it figured out and start filming shows that

show all the action not just the fish already caught. Until next time.

Thursday 1/16/2014

Back to a day on shore and when I get there a friend is already fishing by the dock. I join him a little

further down and catch a 1 lb. bass right away. Good start to the day, now to see if I can get some

more. My friend Rick shows up with his boat, my other friend was waiting for him. I tell him about the

jitter jig bite and give him the one I caught them on to try. They go out and I fish all over shore with no

action. They come back in for a lunch break and Rick goes to my tackle and starts looking thru it. He

says he caught three fish on my bait and wants one for his own. I say a boat ride might convince me to

give him one. We all go back out and I let Rick throw the one that's working and I throw another color.

He catches a fish on it but that's the only one he gets, we then start throwing jigs around the wood. He

gets two more fish and I snap one off on a football jig, over reacted on the hook set. Not a bad day and

we might fish all day on his boat tomorrow. I told him I would bring a skirt and heads so he can make up

some jitter jigs. Until next blog.

Friday 1/17/2014

I call Rick in the morning and its a go but I need to bring my battery. His is getting weak and I say sure,

so we will meet in an hour. I get there and we load the boat and head out. I give him the skirt and he

puts it on a jitter jig of mine he found on the reeds back in spring. It was white, but he painted the head

black to better match the skirt. No action in the first area so we move, second area I get the first fish on

the jitter jig. 4.25 lb. not bad for a first fish, but I get no others in the area and Rick blanks as well. We

slow down with jigs and flicking, I get another small keeper. We work the whole area then head to new

water, I get another small keeper on a football jig. Three fish to none so far, makes up for yesterday. We

head back to the water we started in, Rick gets two small fish on a senko. Further along the bank I get

one on the jitter jig, 3lbs. and a good fight. Someone is yelling at us from shore, we head in to see who it

is. A friend of Rick's wants to give him a boat, he only wants the trailer. Rick says no, we eat lunch and

head back out. Rick finally gets one on his jitter jig, he was saying he was going to take mine if his did not

catch a fish. I get one more right before we head in on the gotcha stick flicking. Not a bad day on the boat,

I caught the first fish, last fish, biggest and most. I filmed the whole day and the show will be up soon but

I need to edit two more first. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/18/2014

My day to try out the new camera set up, sure hope the thing works. Its really cold as I get to the lake

right as they open, only one boat for rent. A car is in front of me with poles inside, please don't want to

rent a boat. They have there own boat thank god, it pulls in after us. I get the boat and head out but I

wait to hook up the camera, my hands are frozen. I catch two good 3 lb. bass on the jitter jig before

my hands thaw and I try the camera set up. I get it set up but its a little flimsy and to close behind me but

it will do. I turn it on and start down the bank, catching two on the jitter jig along the way. I then turn it

off and head for new water. I break a fish off and catch one on our football jig before turning it back on.

I then catch two keepers and a dink on the gotcha stick while filming. I work the area to death then move

on, passing a guy with a big crappie along the way. I film him with the fish then go to another area to give

the set up more air time. The next four hours I get no action, in three different areas. I head to a new spot

with an hour left, its by the launch. I work the bank with the gotcha stick and catch a little keeper, my ninth

fish and on film. I end the show and head in to unload all my stuff and fish from shore. I get nothing but my

friend gets a good 4lb. bass while I am there. I head home and check the footage, its not as bad as I was

thinking. A little close with a narrow field of view but watch able, now to find a way to rig it further back

and it will be perfect. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/19/2014

Hit up the pond for the first time in awhile and find the fish not wanting to eat. The fish were all over the

area but they would not bite. It was real frustrating seeing them swim by my bait all the time but not take it.

I was there for about two hours and was just watching my line, go no where. I saw the cormorant again,

not a good sign for the fish still left in the still shallow water. Finally with a half hour to go I see my line

move. I wait for it to go tight and set the hook, its a small carp. Okay maybe they will start to hit now,

not the case. I stay until I can not see my line and get no more action. Not sure what the deal was, the

water is the same temp. and the fish were all around. Maybe next time they will be in a mood to eat,

at least I hope. See you next blog.

Tuesday 1/21/2014

Head back to Pinto with the hopes of taking out a rental boat, or maybe get my friend Rick to fish. I

get to the lake and notice the rental boat is gone. It is my same friends from last time and they have it

for the same amount of time. I call Rick but no answer so I leave a message. I fish but find no action

and my phone rings. Its Rick and he says he will fish but it will be an hour or more before he can get

to the lake. The rental boat comes in and I pass on taking it, I wait for Rick. I don't really fish any more

from shore and just talk to my other friends coming in with there boats. Rick shows up but is 40 minutes

later then he said, we have about two hours to fish. We work both areas that the Jitter jig has produced

but find no action. Rick turns to a jig and so do I, he hooks a nice keeper that jumps off by the boat. I

get nothing and lose a flicking set up I try. Over to the pump house and Rick gets a 4 lb. bass to the

boat, I still have nothing. I work the jig over some further off shore logs and get a bite, set the hook and

the fish is on. Then a few seconds later it comes off, the new trailer has teeth marks, darn. We fish for a

bit longer but find no more takers. My first blank in awhile, oh well I had one on for a little bit. I guess

this is karma after the last time I was in his boat. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/22/2014

Back to the pond with hopes that the fish are in the mood to eat this time. The first almost hour is not

proving anything as I get nothing. The wind is up and I can not see if the fish are in the spot. I then have

my line twitch, it then takes off but I miss the fish. I get a few more bite I miss then hook into a catfish,

its a small one. A few more takes and misses and I get another catfish about the same size. The action

slows for a bit then picks up and I get another catfish, this one is bigger. Carp are jumping in other areas

of the pond as I miss fish up until I leave. Pretty good day at the pond for the middle of winter, well for

us its not really winter. 70 and 80 degree days and no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days. Sure

hope its a wet spring and late actual winter or we are screwed. Until next blog.

Friday 1/24/2014

Back to the pond again and I have some more time to fish so I decide to try a new area. I go to the

south side and fish the very end of the pond. The wind blows into it so I figure maybe the food is

there. I cast out but it is a cross wind which makes weightless bread tough. I then see fish finning right

on shore, then one spooks. They are all over the place in the area, then my line takes off but I miss the

fish. I keep dealing with the wind and missing fish, then I move over and wade so I am facing the wind.

I get a bunch more hits but I can not hook them and I notice my drag is way loose. I fix the problem,

hook a fish but it jumps and comes off . Then I hook another one and get it to shore but in the process

it sprays me with mud as it flops around. I try to pull it out of the mud and it pops loose, I push it back

to the water with my foot. I have mud all over my pants, jacket, face and hat, good place to fish but a

bad place to land fish. I get a few more bites I miss before I leave as the light is fading. Tomorrow I

head back to Pinto with a new camera set up, hope there active. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/25/2014

Get to Pinto bright and early to make sure I get the one boat for rent. I get the boat, load all my stuff

and head to the usual starting shore. I stop short and set up the camera system to the front of the boat.

I can not get the rope untied so I just leave it attached and tighten the bolt, good enough. I set the angle

of the camera turn it on and start filming. I work the whole shore line with no action, except two trees

I snag hanging over the water. Hit the next shore line and get two on the Jitter jig, on film so its a good

start. Hit up another area and work it with the Jitter jig, nothing so I slow down. I work the football jig

with no success and switch to flicking. I get two more on film after about an hour of probing all the water

I can. I head to the first area I caught fish and as I get there the camera turns off, the battery is dead. I

fish update style and catch two more fish since I have more time then battery on the new one. I head back

to the area I caught them flicking and put in the new battery. I get nothing so its off to a new area to try

the flipping jig, I get one more fish on film. The last two hours I work back thru water and try new water

but find no more fish. Back on shore I talk to others fishing as they come in, some caught fish others did

not. Seven fish, not bad for January, now to see how the footage turned out. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/ 29/2014

Have some time at the end of the day so I go to the pond. I hit up the area I have been fishing just

because it is easy to get to and the fish are around. I use corn this time for bait, I am assuming it will be

easier to get the hook in them with it. I see fish all over the place as I get to the area. I spook a couple

as I reach shore, its so shallow they see me. I cast out with the usual weightless rig but the wind is to

strong so I rig up a weight. I watch my line and make multiple casts in the area but only end up with one

bite. I know I have caught them on corn before but I guess they like bread better. I leave as the light of

day is fading, have time tomorrow so I might try again. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/30/2014

Back at the pond and this time the wind is up pretty good, to good. I have the weight on the rig but it

is tough to tell if your getting a bite. The carp are playing around all over the place but I am still having

a tough time getting them to eat the corn. I brought a bass pole just for fun and I cast it around just to

see. I get nothing on it and for that matter nothing on the carp pole. I had a few times my line moved

but I think it was just line bites. Oh well maybe if some day we get some rain that brings the water level

up I might start having fun at the pond again. We have had two storms that passed though during the

last two nights but the rain was trace levels. I am planning to go to Pinto tomorrow and fish with friend

of mine on his boat. I am sure there I will be able to catch some fish. See you next blog.

Friday 1/31/2014

Back to Pinto after five days of not bass fishing and I am rusty. My friend Rick has changed tactics

one me, he is flipping weightless senkos in the reeds. I have no poles set up for this kind of fishing as

he catches three right away. I cast to the open water where we were catching them but find nothing

but snags. He said yesterday he found out the bass headed into the reeds and knocked the lights out.

The light rain must of triggered them any way the water did not rise. I finally get a fish out from the

reeds on the gotcha stick. He continues beating up the reeds so I turn to the jitter jig and start to

probe open water. I catch one right away so I pretty much throw it for the rest of the day. He gets

one more fish then his action slows down. Mine picks up and I have five fish to his six and time is

running out, his fish are bigger but still. He picks up number seven and I pick up number six and its

a good fish. He gets number eight on the jitter jig, his first one on the bait but time is up. It was a

good day and I filmed it for a future show. I also broke a pole today, tried flipping with one of my

old poles from the 80's. Got snagged and a little mad and yanked real hard on it, it broke into four

pieces. It was time to retire the pole any way. Until next blog.


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