Thursday 1/1/2015

This blog is not about fishing, its about how come I have not blogged in January. For that matter it is about why my blogs

of late have been so scattered. It all started back in early fall when I got a ronsomware virus on my computer. I got it off

after running a virus program three or four times. The virus locked up my pictures and video so they are non-viewable to

anyone, unless I pay them to reverse the process. Did not pay since most are backed up but that lead to the next problem,

I got the blue screen of death. Dealt with the lock up for awhile, sometimes it would freeze three times while I was writing a

blog. Losing what I had written each time, no auto back up on this software, frustrating to say the least. I tried everything I

could to get rid of the blue screen then took it in for repair. They checked my hard drives then said it was a operating issue,

told them that going in. They wanted to much to fix it so I got software to try and fix the blue screen, did not work so I tried

one more thing. Format the hard drive and load my old XP onto it, good idea but I messed that up somehow and broke the

computer. The DEL to setup and F8 for boot selection would not work, they would say selected but never do anything. I

have asked around but no tech guy has ever heard of that happening, broke it real good. Gave up and bought a new computer

and been dealing with that till now. Loading old programs, waiting for an internal to external box so I can get these blog files

back from my old hard drive ect. Its been a long frustrating couple months but I have it all done finally, so back to blogging.

I am going to do a couple recap fishing blogs this month and move on to February. Until next blog.

Friday 1/30/2015

Okay about the fishing at Pinto the whole month of January, lets just say on and off. The water is still dirty, looks like the

lake filled up yesterday from a rain. Stuff is floating all around the lake making casting hard, if you came to the lake you would

swear the big storm hit a few days ago. Truth is it has started dropping, it has come down about four inches so far and no

rain in the forecast. After the discovery at the end of December the flip bite has been on and off. One fish one day then 8 the

next, then 8 again then maybe 6. Now the last four times I have been out its one or two fish, the water is at 52 degrees, plenty

warm for active fish. I have had the lake to myself so many times its almost like its my own private lake. One warm day a bunch

of people came out, but the fishing sucked, no one caught more then one fish. Most of my friends that do come out blank more

times then not. I have at least caught a fish every time except for the first two times after the big storm. I keep trying new things

and exploring outside the reeds, but if your not flipping your not going to catch much. The visibility is still about 8 inches so

these fish are not going far to hit a bait. I am flipping light so the baits falls slow giving the fish more time to see it, seems to be

working. I caught a 7.10 lb. back on the 4th, biggest fish caught so far this year at the lake. Most of the fish are in the 2 to 3 pound

range, not many fours like this lake usually gives up. Hopefully something will change and these fish will start biting, and I am

going to make sure I find them when the do. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/31/2015

Now onto the ocean and the rock fish, been about the same as the lake. The beginning of the month the fish got going and

people where catching them real good. They were catching all kinds of fish not just rockfish, saw some lingcod, although not

a legal one as of late. The mackerel were hitting for a bit and the opal eye surf perch made a showing. But now the last few

times I have gone to the pier I have blanked. Part of it do to the fact the whole county is out of sand worms, tried all three of

the usual stores and they are all out. Its been a week now and no new bags, unless someone bought them in between me

checking the stock. Because of that I have started using shrimp at the jetty, someone gave me some the other day and I caught

a lot of fish. They where mostly small but I got the surf perch and the rock fish on it. I rig it up on my drop shot pole and just

drag it along the bottom. I go to the jetty after Pinto, I fish for a couple hours into the night and call it a day. The lake hours are

still 4:30 p..m. as of this writing so there is still daylight when I get to the jetty. I hear they are going to make it 5:00 soon but I

can fish after dark at the jetty. I have not been hitting the pier as much lately because of my day job, I have been on a closing

shift schedule for the last couple weeks. All for the better until I get some more sand worms, use to fish other baits but in the

winter its all they want. Well I guess they like shrimp, but I hate using it. Until next blog.

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