Friday 1/1/2016

First day of a new year and the lake is cloudy, and looking pretty benevolent with the sun raise shining through. I start

out on the spot I learned from Kevin today and drop shot. I get nothing in his spot so I go across to the buoy, another

spot I learned from Kevin. I get a keeper on the finesse jig on some wood, I then see Rick crossing the lake. I track him

down and tell him where the spot is that I kept from him yesterday. We head to the area together and he gets a fish on

the ned rig, I then catch two off the spot on the drop shot. Rick heads in to drop off his partner and I head across the

lake to flip the shore leading to the point. I get a good 3 plus fish then break off my rig, Rick is back on the lake and over

by the Kevin area. I head across and fish by him and get a bite first cast, his new partner catches a fish. Nothing else so

I head to the right side to flip a bit before go time. No fish before go time so I head in for the day. Well I at least caught a

fish off the new spot. Its just open water, no real structure on the bottom, you need to just fan cast the area. I might make

a marker buoy so I have a visual reference to cast around. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/3/2016

Head to the left side of the lake and fish both areas on that side with the drop shot. I get one bite on the first spot then

head to the other side of the point. This area and by the pump house get me one small keeper, drop shot is on and off

these days. I work the flip deal the rest of the day but even that is slow. There were three different people working most

of my best water, I was number three in line for most of it. In the winter with the cold water the fish don't replenish very

fast. If one person goes through and gets a few it might take a day or so before another fish moves in . I only get two

doing the flip thing, had some bite but drop it before I can set the hook. The frost days are over as clouds are coming in

everyday now. Had frost every day for the last eight days before the first of the year, that's why the water got so cold.

Now we are set up for storms almost everyday for the next couple weeks, see what it does to the fish. Until next blog.

Tuesday 1/5/2016

A storm has been above us since late last night and it is still raining as I reach the lake. I checked the radar and it looks

like one more band before it is over. Well I got to the lake at 12:15 and did not get out until 2:20 or so. There was some

light rain but I saw that some heavy stuff was coming behind it. Glad I waited because it rained hard for forty minutes

before it stopped. I head straight across the lake with one pole and three baits, more plastic trailers in my pocket. I am

just going to flip for the couple hours I have. I lose one bait right away, then catch a fish on the second bait, then lose

it on a fish I miss. I got caught way back in the reeds and near the bottom, one bait left, the naked bobble head. I end up

getting two more on that bait and miss a couple. The rain last night was heavy and the lake came up a bit, think the fish

headed in to look for food. Another big storm tonight and it might come up more, maybe even warm up. I will sit this one

out and be back on Thursday hopefully. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/7/2016

The storm yesterday was a pretty big one so I am assuming the lake will have come up. I was right it came up about a

foot and also warmed up five degrees. I get 49 near the ramp but 52 out in the lake where the new water comes from. I

head to the left side to the first Kevin area, no fish and the water is clear. I thought it might of got dirty with this much

rain, I head to the buoy. On the way the water gets dirty, paper bag brown and maybe 3 inch visibility. Now I know

where the dirty water comes from, the left side, and there is still 100 yards of water left until the end of the lake. I cast a

few times but head towards the point to see how the water is there. Its a little dirty on this side but not like the other

side, and not really brown. I get nothing on the drop shot then explore a bit flipping up the river. Its brown back in the

river but I find no fish. I end the day flipping the usual water and pick up four fish and miss a few. The fish where on

the outside on the reeds, nothing really back in. Probably because the water got dirty so they can sit in front of them

and wait, maybe bait fish are crushing there also. Until next blog.

Friday 1/8/2016

Another no rain day and it looks like we are having a little break for now. I head to the right side by the pump house

to start the day, most activity as of late. I work the drop shot around but find no action, the worm really blends with

the water right now. Might need to mix in some of the darker color cut tails with the new water color, I try a finesse

worm in pumpkin. I get nothing so try the jig, right away I get a almost keeper, the break it off next cast. Put on a new

jig and get a keeper right up against the reeds. Cast for awhile and get yet another keeper this time almost at the boat,

its a jig deal now I guess. No action for awhile so I head a little further back and try the islands. Nothing on the drop

shot and its to mucky on the bottom for the jig. I work the jitter jig over the islands and pick up a keeper, first active

bait fish in awhile. I zoom across the lake and try the islands there, the water has cleared a bit from yesterday. No

action on the jitter jig so I try along shore back towards the area I just was. I lot of water covered and no more action

on the jitter jig so its flip time. Pick up an almost four outside the reeds, then no more action by the pump house. I

head across lake and near the launch on the left side, one pick up but that's it. The water is dirty near the reeds but

still clear around the launch. Rick is in his boat just outside the launch, he caught four on the ned rig. Good day

and I need to make up more jigs, lost six or so these last couple days. Until next blog.

Monday 1/11/2016

Cloudy as I arrive at the lake today but no rain, just high clouds. I start out on the right side by the pump house

but get nothing in the first spot. I am using the drop shot and the jig, keep losing jigs on the logs. I pick up the

anchor and move down the shore a bit towards more sunken logs. I get a bite first cast, then a fish to swim with

it that I miss some how. Next cast produces a good 3 plus fish on the jig, then no more bites. I try the jitter jig

around the islands on this side but find no one home. I then start the flipping campaign in all the usual areas, I

find one fish and miss a couple. I am not sure what happen to these fish but I am not the only one struggling.

One guy blanked today and the day before and he has been getting them pretty good. I think the water getting

a little dirty and warming up moved the fish around. Now I just need to find them. Until next blog.

Tuesday 1/12/2016

I have plans to head to the left side today but a friend is already on the spot, I go to the pump house. I try

both areas with the jig and drop shot but not even a bump. I then go across to both Kevin areas on the left

side, not even a bump there either. So about two and a half hours without a bite, I hit up the flip spot outside

the river. No bites along that shore so I head towards the islands and try the jitter jig. I get nothing over the

islands so I drift towards the back of the cove. I pick up a fish and miss one back in the cove, I work the area

fully before moving back out. I flip a section of reeds without a bite and head towards the way left of the

lake. I am going to throw the jitter jig all over the place, there are some sunken trees on this side. I work the

way back and the islands on this side without a bite. With little time left I flip a section of reeds before I

head out, no more fish. Slow day but once I got the one fish I experimented the rest of the time. Did not work

out but it might have. I might try further back on the right side next time, up the river and that area. I got 53

degrees on the left side today, warm enough they might move shallow and cruise around. I am getting no

fish way back in the reeds at the moment, they had to go somewhere. Until next blog.

Thursday 1/14/2016

Back for another round at the lake and its a cloudy day and the water is still around 52. I head to the right side

and do the jig thing. I work a couple of the spots but only get one fish to hit the jig. I then go around and do

the flip thing but I want to work the jitter jig a bit more today. I head to the area I have been getting them and

sure enough catch a nice fish. I then work all the reeds out in front of the river, get another good fish on a

point of reeds. I work around a few more places with the jitter but am finding no action, still two is the best yet.

Its close to go time and I decide to try a spinner bait, our new 3/8 elite single blade. I am playing around with

them and will introduce them eventually. I score another fish right before I have to head back on the thing, good

sign for the bait. So four fish for the day, pretty much my average this winter. Until next blog.

Friday 1/15/2016

The morning bite on the jig is getting slower and slower for me, thought I had a good thing going. I get one

fish and this one is smaller then yesterday. The water level of the lake is almost as high as it was last year

so I go up the river to flip. I start along a canal that was good last year but find no action. I then head as far up

as I can and fish the jitter jig and the blade. No action but it is nice to be able to get this far back again, no one

is going up there. I head back towards main lake but stop to flip for a bit, hook a fish that pops off. Okay I

know they are hear so I flip all the old haunts from last year. Pick up one more fish but a good thing is I spooked

about five fish sitting really shallow. The water is dirty up the river so they feel safe sitting in a foot of water, I

need to explore this area more next time. The water is also 55 back here, three degrees warmer then the main

lake. I have a little time left so I scan the reeds just outside the river with the jitter jig. I pick up one fish in the

usual spot before its go time. Next time out I am hitting up the river again. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/17/2016

I am hear on the boat day, and sure enough about five people are out already. I head to the left side and

give the jig a try. I am getting nothing and Rick shows up, passes me and fishes a corner with the ned rig.

Gets a fish right away, then picks up two more as I sit with nothing. I cross to beside the point and throw

the jig, no action as Rick passes by again. Another boat shows up, he has nine fish already, him and Rick

leave to other shores. I stay for a bit then head up the river to flip, I find no action where I fished last time

out. I then head towards the other arm up the river, its past the virgin mary dock. I work all that with no

action, head to throw the jitter jig. Nothing so I start going along shore and run into another friend, his

girlfriend has a fish. She catches another one awhile later as I still do not have a bite for the day. I try the

flip thing near the pump house and back towards the launch. Finally get a bite and the fish bolts with the

bait, they never do that flipping. It pulls the rod down before I am ready to set the hook, I miss it. Time is

up and I head in, I blanked for the first time in awhile. On the way in I pass Rick, he is throwing a fish back

in. Everyone caught a fish but me, Rick had close to 20 fish for the day. The jig is out and the drop shot

is back in the rotation, they want small plastics again. Until next blog.

Monday 1/18/2016

Revenge day, but first I need to bail my boat from the big storm last night. The water came up seven, eight

inches last night, lots of water in the boat. Everyone is back out today being a holiday, I just need to get

some fish. The water is a bit dirty and it warmed up, I get 56 by the launch. I head to the right with the drop

shot this time, pass Rick near the back. I anchor by the jitter jig spot and work all of it with the drop shot.

I find no action as Rick gets a fish, not again, I head to the pump house. I finally get a bite and land the fish

as I scream never give up, it echoes around the hills. I used the drop N stick, looks like a ned rig on the drop

shot. No more action so I head up the river to flip, more water so maybe but nothing. I work the jitter jig

around outside the river but no action. Okay flip time in the best spots this winter, it works and I get three

more fish to the boat. This time all of them were in sight of Rick, he did good early but nothing after noon.

By the end of the day the water was up to 58 in some places, might move the fish and speed them up. I am

going to try some other things next time out. Until next blog.

Friday 1/ 22/2016

had some rain between today and the last time I was out and the water came up. It came up so much

that it is over the cement that leads to the dock. I have to walk in the water with my shoes to get to my

boat. Not very deep but still I have wet shoes now and I hate that, some rain is in the forecast. I have on

my rain jacket but not my pants, looks like broken up clouds. I only take a few baits and one tackle box

out for the day. The water is really dirty all over now and the day turns out to be miserable for the most

part. I get no fish on the drop shot and only a few fish flipping, the rain was non stop from 12:00 p.m. on.

I am soaked when I come in to find everyone catching fish by the launch on night crawlers. Guess it has

been the pattern for the last few days, big fish to boot. I load the car and head home, I just want to be

warm and dry. It is still raining as I leave the park. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/23/2016

Back for another round, the rain is a pain but after sleep I am over it. Today is a shower forecast as well

and it again is broken up clouds. The water is now deeper before the dock, its over the levy as well, I have

my boots this time. I load the boat but right after that a big cloud heads towards the lake. I take out my

tackle box and put it in the car until it passes. I then load it back up and put my rain proof rain slicker over

it. I head to the left after flipping next to the wall on my way out of the launch area. I drop shot a few areas

on the left side with no success and head across lake. The sky opens up as I do this, so much so you can

not see across the lake. My boat fills up six inches in the back before it lets up, not good. I get a few fish

flipping before the end of the day but it is another bad one. I am soaked again and this time not even a rain

jacket, showers was the forecast, damn Pinto. One spot I was in rained so hard with the sun out a rainbow

formed at the end of my boat. It was a complete circle, only the bottom part was gone because of my boat.

Never seen that before, tried to take some pictures. Until next blog.

Sunday 1/24/2016

Finally a day with no rain in the forecast, not even showers. The kids are fishing night crawlers as I arrive,

they ask for my scale.... 6.14 lbs. I flip my way out of the launch again then head to the point this time. I

find no takers there or a couple other places I try, no confidence outside right now. I go to flipping and get

a few fish and lose a few in usual spots. I am flipping the naked 1/4 oz. bobble head with the black cherry

craw. I head over to the left side towards the end of the day, I am flipping areas I can get close to shore. I

figure these fish are up there looking for things that washed into the lake. That and craws could be up there

doing the same thing. I pick up another fish along the way and head back to the launch. No one is fishing

this time, bass must of finally headed out. I flip around the levy and pick up a good fish, it has 12 inches of

braid coming out of its stomach. That's the problem with night crawlers, you gut hook a lot of them, sure

hope I don't start seeing dead fish around. Until next blog.

Tuesday 1/26/2016

Yes another day of bright and sunny shies and no rain in the forecast. The water level came down a smidgen

but boots are going to be the call for awhile. I walk the levy today before heading out into the lake, I flip over

the edge of the drop. I pick one up on the right side but that is all I get, out into the lake I go. I head to the right

side and throw a deep crank, why not no confidence anyway. I flick in front of the pump house but no action, I

work the deep crank in the old jitter spot.... nothing. I flip the area with no success then work along shore to a

known area I flip. I pick up two fish, one I lose at the surface and the other I get to the boat. I then head up the

river, man it is chocolate milk up here, few inch visibility at most. I find a fish though, it is 3.09 lb. at that, in a

spot I caught one last week. I spook some fish but do not pick up any more before I head out of the river. I

flip the shore leading to the point, then pick one up right at the end of the point. I decide to try the spot I

already flipped fish earlier, pick up two more. I head down the left shore to end the day, no action this time.

Rick was out and I am waiting to see how the ned rig did, he caught 5 bass and 2 crappie. I guess I need to

try the drop shot with the drop N stik again. Thought for sure we was going to find no outside takers, but the

water is clearing a bit, foot or so visibility now. Until next blog.

Wednesday 1/27/2016

Been back to the pier a couple times this week, everyone wants to know where I have been. I said no work

means more boat time, retail after christmas. The bite has been really good for half moon perch I guess, but

I am still a rock fishing guy. I find the fish pretty active, small for the most part but lots of hits. I found a new

bait they like, the drop N stik in two colors. Watermelon red and the watermelon chartreuse laminate, caught

at least six good fish on them so far. All the same people are fishing and the way my schedule is for at least

the next week, I'll be there more myself. Until next blog.

Friday 1/29/2016

Head to the lake under cloudy skies but there is no rain in the forecast, but its Pinto so you never know. I work

around the left jetty before I head out into the lake. No action today and the water seems to be more stained at

this end of the lake now. Probably because of the water going out the pipe, pulls the water from the other side of

the lake. I load the boat and sit over by the pump house, pick up one on a jig over a log. I then flip the usual spot

I've been starting in and pick up a fish. I then head up the river to the right this time, then work the canals towards

the left side. I flip one right away then nothing the rest of the water I flip, kids are on shore getting some near shore

in the thick stuff. I can not get that far back from a boat, I tell them shore flipping seems to be the deal. I then try a

new thing, I throw the buzz bait all around the back. No takers but with the water 55 it is warm enough for the bite.

I end flipping outside the river but three is all I get for the day. I flipped a different color today, alabama craw, I

think black cherry is better but I'm out. I'll try something new tomorrow, maybe the watermelon red on a skirted

bobble head. I took some pictures to show how high the water is, a friend fishing the right jetty with his waders.

I like the floating picnic tables, or at least they seem to be. Until next blog.

Saturday 1/30/2016

A new day and I have some new ideas, skirted bobble head ( cali craw ) and a jitter jig ( crappie ). I start out again

sitting near the pump house, I wedge my boat in the reeds now, no anchor. The water is to deep where I use to put

down the anchor, plus I kind of hate having to pull it out every time I move. Two spots and no action so I head over

the islands and start throwing the jitter jig. I get one after about five cast then nothing, damn was hoping for a

school of fish. I then flip the usual start spot and pick one up, thank you cali craw. I near the end of the area and a

boat is in my best spot. They saw me catch three out of the spot a few days ago, I joke about how they new there

were fish there. They say they did not get a bite and move out of the spot, I go in and get a 3 plus. After that I

go into the river and flip all the spots I've caught them before, all for nothing. Time a little short so I head to two

flip spots just outside the river. First one gets me a fish and loses a fish, new they would be there. I throw the

jitter jig along the reeds over to the next flip spot, no fish this time. The last spot gets me a fish and I lose one,

both where in front of the reeds a couple feet. So nothing up the river and three of the fish I caught were out in

front of the reeds, not back in. Something to think about for next time. Until next blog.

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