Tuesday 2/2/2016

The first day I get to fish in February, spring is on its way and the trees are already blooming. Some areas it sounds like

a bee hive is above your head. We had a little rain the last two days and the lake came back up a few inches. I wade out

to my boat and load my stuff. I head to the right and fish a couple spots by the pump house with the jig. No action so I

fish over the islands with the jitter jig. Nothing around so its flip time, I hit up the usual shore line but this time not a fish.

Odd I have always at least got a bite in my first area, I head in front of the river to another known spot. I then notice that

the landscape has changed, there is no opening on the right side leading to the river. We had strong winds the other day

so I am thinking reeds blew in and blocked it. No luck flipping so I head to the right and flip up the river. I work all the way

to the opening, or what was an opening. I then realize a bizarre sight, the whole island, trees and all moved almost 20 feet.

How does that happen, this island is the size of two house lots and some trees are 20 plus feet tall. I ponder at it for awhile

and the now open space behind it in the beginning of the river. I then head across lake and fish the other islands with the

jitter jig. I get two nice fish in about ten minutes, then work it from all angles for awhile. Nothing else so I flip some areas

on the left side back to the launch. Not a bite flipping, that is a first this winter, even the day I blanked I got one bite. I

flip shore and pick up another good fish right in front of two guys finding nothing. I talk to them then head out still thinking

of how that huge island could of moved so far. Just plain weird ... trees and all. Until next blog.

Friday 2/5/2016

Nice sunny day at the lake and a few boats already on the lake as I head out. I notice the temperature has gone down, I

figured as much since the nights have been in the forties. The lake scientist is out for the day and we discuss what the

fish are doing. I head to the pump house and throw around the jig, and the drop shot a bit. I pick one up on the jig and

get another bite, no action on the drop shot. I then flip the usual start spot and to my surprise pick up three fish, one went

3.15 lb. I hit up one more spot then find Rick who is just finding the island has moved so far. We both agree its pretty

darn strange, he caught a couple fish around a new reed island. I flip the shore leading to the point, nothing, then head

to the islands on the left. It takes a few cast but I find a fish on the jitter jig, sure wish more fish where out on the islands.

I ponder flipping the left shore but instead head back to my start spot and go over that water again. I go a little further

back to start and pick up a fish, number six for the day. No fish over the water I already covered and its go time. I hit up

shore flipping the edge of the jetty before I leave, but no takers today. Took a picture of the island that moved, pretty

much all those reeds you see and the trees moved. Also a nice sunset at the jetty. Until next blog.

Sunday 2/7/2016

Back for another sunny warm day at the lake, looks like winter is taking February off this year.The water is dropping pretty

fast now, I think the springs stopped flowing. I would say it drops about two inches a day right now, in about a week I

might be able to get to my boat without wading. I kick back on the right side and end up picking a fish up on the jig, the kick

back portion of my day is getting slow. I then wonder around a bit and flip here and there, lots of boats on the water. I work

the islands on the left side with the jitter jig, nothing. I then go back to the right and catch a good one next to the reeds on

the jitter jig. I am outside the river and work the shore with the jitter jig, no takers the rest of the way. I turn and flip the water

I just cast and pick up two good fish, both in shallow areas back in the reeds. I hit up a few more spots but that does it for

this venture. No rain in the forecast so I wonder how far down the lake will go before it rises again. I also wonder if it will effect

the fish, they don't like fast dropping water. Until next blog.

Thursday 2/11/2016

This is the first day of a four day stint for me at the lake, notice my friend Rick has been out since early. I kick back on the right

side and get nothing. These outside fish need to get going, or I need a new kick back regiment. The kid I bought my boat from

comes by commanding a nice big nitro boat, the owner is in the back seat. They flip all the water around me, my usual flip starting

water. I finally want to start flipping and head past the virgin mary dock and head into a middle canal. I flip one first cast but I miss

it, flip back in the area pick up a 3 plus. The rest of the canal produces nothing so I head up the river. Four boats are back there

including Rick, I fish the far back with the jitter jig. No action so I head out, pass Rick who says he whacked them earlier on a senko.

I head across lake and work the islands, pick up a crappie on the jitter jig. The rest of the day I get two more flipping, the water is

warming up so they should get going. I get 59 most places and a warming trend is on its way, might see the first 60's this year.

At the dock Rick says he ended with 18 fish, all on the senko. Might need to try the gotcha stick soon. Until next blog.

Friday 2/12/2016

Day two, I need a new kick back plan so I head to the point and throw the jig. It works, I get a keeper on my fifth cast, but I get

nothing after that. I head up the river and flip a fish in a known spot, then work way back with the toad. No cover yet so I need

to wait a bit before toading, maybe a month. I head across lake and work the islands, no action this time. I go back across the

lake and flip all the water I did not fish yesterday. Glad I did because it was on fire, I work through it and pick up seven fish and

miss four. I get a 5.03 and a 4.03 as the two biggest fish, the fish are staging for the spawn I think. I have little time left but I am

happy as can be. I try a few more areas on the left but it is go time, Rick is following me in. He did alright but nothing like he did

yesterday, that's because he caught them all yesterday. Until next blog.

Saturday 2/13/2016

Today turns out to be a junk fishing day, the weather has been great, its almost spring. That equals everyone wanting to try

their luck at bass fishing. Lots of boats and lots of other fisherman going through my water before I get to it. I still end the

day with five but it was just working all the water multiple times. The hot spot from yesterday only gave up a couple, I got no

fish kicking back, what a surprise, and nothing on the jitter. I headed to the left side to flip in the end, that's where I picked up

my last two fish. The water is in the 60's now and the warm weather is going to hang around for another few days. I am thinking

it is going to be another busy day tomorrow, hope I get some. Until next blog.

Sunday 2/14/2016

Even valentines day can not keep these fisherman away, what happen to romance. Since I last told you about the water on

its way out, it has dropped about 8 inches. This might be a reason some of my areas are getting less fishy, I was getting them

pretty shallow. I kick back as I usually do and pretty much end up the same way, no fish and no bites. I am insane I guess,

being the definition is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I wait for a kid in a canoe to work

out of my first flip area, he catches two in the cove. I go past and work the very end, I pick up two he missed. I start to go

along the good shore back out of the cove and Rick shows up. He stops half way down and catches two fish on the senko

against the shore I'm working. Six fish by three people in this cove, its full of fish but now they all know. I leave and work the

jitter jig along the reeds outside the river. Pick up a good fish in an area I got another on the bait, good sign. I head across

lake and try the islands, no action, warmer water has them going towards shore I think. I head to the shore leading back to

the point and work it with the jitter jig. This shore has been great before and I get a 3.14 off it this time. I work it with a crank

and another color jitter jig but that's all she wrote with the one fish. I did spook a few fish kicking in the reeds, might need to

flip this some time. I end the day with four fish, probably could of got more if I went back to flipping but oh well. Rick found

another 18 fish today, damn him and his senko and six pound line. Until next blog.

Thursday 2/ 18/2016

Warm weather and even record breaking warm weather lasted until wednesday, just my luck. The water probably got up to

63 degrees by Tuesday. I show up after a cold storm blew through from nowhere, pretty good rain and 25 mph hour winds

blew most of the night. The water is now 57 by my reading, pretty good drop for one day and it showed in the fish. I flipped

a couple in my first area when I started then nothing until the end. The wind was pretty strong most of the day which kept

me from flipping some areas. I worked the jitter jig along the point shore but nothing this time. I flipped two fish in the same

area I caught the first two right before go time. I was just getting going and the weather came in and delayed the bite. Then

again I bet we have a wet March so spring might be a ways away anyway. Until next blog.

Sunday 2/21/2016

I really don't like coming on a Sunday but when I have it off I always do, to many boats usually. I do the kick back thing for

some reason, I did try doing it with the gotcha stick. I got one bite that I missed, guess with that technique you need to cover

water. I then start the flip thing in the usual starting place and it works again. I pick up four to start and I miss a couple, also

find fry by an island. Look like bass but when did they spawn, must of been October or something, odd. I then head up the

river to one spot, I lose two and catch one flipping. I then head back out and over to the islands on the left side. No jitter fish

so I head along the shore leading to the point, nothing. I fish a spot outside the river with the jitter, only place I've caught them

along this shore. Hook a good four plus, I then just sit on the spot and cast. I end up with three more fish just working the

spot over and over. I finish up trying the water I began on flipping, no more fish for the day. The water is back up to 59 - 60

in most areas and fair weather is the forecast for awhile. If we do get a wet March some of these fish might spawn before it

happens. Until next blog.

Friday 2/26/2016

Been four days of bright sunny skies since my last visit and I find the water at 61 degrees. I get 62 in some spots later in

the day, thought it might be warmer by now. Cold nights I guess, been in the forties, I start my day by the pump house. I

flick this time, still a stick bait but I just feel better with the weight on it. I finally do alright kicking back, I get three fish on

the flick rig, about time. I want to flip the usual but a boat is working it, I head to the spot up river. I get one off the spot

then head over towards the virgin mary dock to try an area. No fish and as I pass the dock, Dale the one I got the boat

from ask to go out. I say I never had anyone on it but sure, he says he's had four people in it at one time. I pick him up and

we flip the usual first water but find no action. I go outside the river and pick up a fish on the jitter, then we head up river.

Flip a canal I never really fish and miss a fish, Dale gets a follow on a frog. I suggest going past the virgin mary dock and

see if floaters are starting to form. They are but not the ones I thought, this is the old winter algae coming up off the bottom.

I say it looks like toilet paper on top of the water in a septic tank. Either way the fish like it, Dale gets a blow up first cast,

then a few more. I pick up two flipping through the stuff, not much area to cover so we head along the shore leading out.

Dale gets one more rise under more floaters we find before I drop him off at the dock. I manage two more flipping outside

the river after trying the jitter spot from last time without success. Not a bad day and I learned that the boat does alright

with another person on board. Until next blog.

Sunday 2/28/2016

Back for the day of the boats and sure enough about five people are out as I arrive. Funny that seems like a lot, I use to

fish lakes with forty or fifty boats out when I arrived. I head to the pump house and throw the flick shake to start, I find

nothing wanting it. I drift back in a corner and find a fish right against the reeds, then lose one under a log. I drift along

the water I start flipping in and get another fish. I then sit in the cove that I flip in and get two more fish and miss a couple.

I go to the far back and flip my way out after that, pick up fish in the back but none after about half way out. Finish with

the usual flip shore and head up river. Go all the way back in the left channel and try the toad, see fish moving. I get

two to the boat and miss one in the area on the toad. Nice, might be time to start getting footage for a show. I flip a spot

on the way out and head to where Dale got blow ups the other day. Two little fish pop the toad in the area, I then get

no action flipping. I head outside the river and try the jitter jig along the reeds, I catch a big crappie. I work down a bit

and fish a point of reeds, get two off it and another one close by. Keep working the reed line and pick up one more

and have a bite. Four fish on the jitter, best day yet this year for the bait. I finish the day back where I started flipping

but throw the toad. Get one hooked but it pops off soon after, should of waited a bit longer to set the hook. I flip a bit

before its go time but find no more fish for the day. Not bad, a good round day, I found fish on four different baits in

many different spots. Have a few days away but can't wait to see how it is when I return. One possible bummer to this

action is rain is coming back, like eight days straight last time I checked. Until next blog.

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