Thursday 3/3/2016

Get to the lake and a friend of mine is flipping next to the jetty and says the bass are on beds. Big ones at that, says he got

a 12.36 lb. and a couple eights and seen others as big. I go over and see a couple on a nest where he is flipping, the female

is probably over six. I check the water as I pull out, I get 61 degrees, little cool but its been in that range for weeks. The fish

are ready to pop and just want to get the eggs out, probably hurts there so fat. I head to the right to kick back and flick, been

getting fish flicking so what the hell. Turns out to be a good flicking day, first fish 5.04 lb. and picked up two more after that.

I then flip a fish in the usual start spot, back in the cove near the virgin mary dock. I then head way up river, on the left to try

the toad. Pick one up right away then notice two friends on shore fishing, throwing a frog of course. I miss two more on the

side they are not on, then miss and pick one up on there side. They get a couple and I go over the water with a spook, no

takers on the loud top water. I flip the area I usually do on the way out but find nothing, must of been staging there to move

to the back. I finish the day throwing the jitter jig, pick up five more fish on it. Good day, there where some fry in the back so

at least some of these fish spawned out already. I fish tomorrow but a storm is on its way, might get wet. The day left me at

the lake with a rainbow, pretty cool.Until next blog.

Friday 3/4/2016

Sure enough some rain has already fallen as I get to the lake, showers is the forecast. I head out to the pump house and flick

for awhile. Pick up two with company watching, three other boats in the area, I out last them and head into the flipping cove.

Two of the three boats where in the cove but I get one flicking, although nothing when I start flipping. Rain has been on and

off as I head to the back to try the toad. One little fish this time, heard my friend was back there before me with his frog. I flip

the way out but no takers, head outside the river to jitter. Pick up a small fish then a better one in the area I found them just

yesterday. The rain starts and this time the wind picks up with it, I get another fish on the jitter. I work the same area but the

wind is strong so I head into the canals and come out in a sheltered area. I work the jitter jig but the rain is heavy now and I

have no water proof clothing on. I am soaked and head to shore, the rain ain 't stopping any time soon. I leave everything in

the boat and hide at the bathrooms until the rain slows up. Rain finally lets up 45 minutes later and I load my car, then change

into dry clothing. I check around shore and see five bass sitting on beds or just cruising around the rocks. Big storms this

weekend and Monday so the fish might leave the nest thing. Have to wait and see. Until next blog.

Sunday 3/6/2016

I show up at the lake late today,thought it was going to rain all day but its just cloudy. This time I am wearing my good rain

jacket. I do the kick back thing and get one fish, a storm came through last night and the waters a bit dirty. I go way up the

river again and try the toad but find nothing, the water is to dirty now. I go out and flip my usual spots and pick up a fish, I

then try the jitter jig but its to dirty of water. The dirty water is not everywhere at the moment but it is mixing in pretty quick

with the wind we have. I decide to flip all the clearer water I can find, it works and I get a couple more fish before its go time.

The fishing is going to get tough when this dirty water moves all over the lake. Funny thing is the water is the same temp.

I got 61 to 63 every where I checked. My friend Rick says my gauge is broke, it was a warm storm. Until next blog.

Tuesday 3/8/2016

Get to the lake and I find I can't get to my boat, the water is to deep, over my waist. I am pondering what to do and a

fisherman in waders says he will go get my boat. He brings it to shore, we turn it over to get rid of the water and I

start loading it. As I am doing this carp are wondering around the trash cans and grass that is flooded. I head out and

the water is now dirty all over, six inch visibility at most. On the way to the back I notice the big island that's been

shifting is gone. I then notice it is against the right bank half way to the launch, the other piece of it is further towards

the launch on the same side. I kick back and get one fish flicking, lucky cast in the back of a cove. I head up the river

and flick the shallows, see lots of carp but no bites. Head back down lake and flip the left side, pick up fish here and

there. I finish the day fishing the picnic tables and trash cans flooded on the beach side. I catch a four by some reeds

but on the back side near a table. I come in the back way to the launch, behind the reeds that usually line the shore.

Deep enough for fish but I find no more as I make my way to shore to unload. No one is fishing so I tie my boat to the

pipe railing that leads to the dock. I can at least reach it next time out and its in no ones way. Until next blog.

Thursday 3/10/2016

Okay back to the lake and the water has gone down about six inches, I get my boat. The island is right in front of the

launch. The wind picks up and it moves off to the right side of the lake as I head out. The kick back does nothing for

me today, even way up the river. I work the spook jr. in the back before heading out to the main lake to flip. I use the

naked bobble head with the alabama craw color, pick up two right away. Miss a couple after that then head to the left

side to finish the day. Pick up three more and end up by the flooded picnic tables. Lots of carp still wondering around

but the lower water makes it able to see bottom. I work the back side of the reeds, spook a lot of fish in the process.

They might of been bass since the carp are out in the open over the grass right now. I leave and head to the launch, a

reporter is there from the local news about the island. I give her an interview and she films me loading my car, B roll.

Not a bad day, I get another limit when most, as I hear, are only getting one or two. Until next blog.

Sunday 3/ 13/2016

Today starts off cloudy with a little rain, forecast is for rain later in the evening. As I get closer to the lake the rain gets

stronger, as I arrive its a full on rain. I notice how full my boat is from the rains a couple nights ago, not enough it will

sink so I leave it. I am just going to fish from shore, if the rain stops long enough. The rain gets so bad I sit in my car

for over an hour until it lightens. After all day of hanging out I finally get out my flipping pole and give the fish a try. I

catch four keepers and my friend Rick catches a couple as well. The rain is still around but not that heavy as the light,

or what little we had today fades away. I will be back in a day and no rain until then so I will deal with my boat next time.

I really want to get it back to the dock, still locked to the railing on the way to the dock. Until next blog.

Tuesday 3/15/2016

Get to the lake and have to deal with the boat, easy enough, walk it to shore and tip it over. Load all the stuff and head

to the back of the lake to check the water color. Dirty ,dirty,dirty, and now its cooled off to under 60 degrees. This makes

for a flip lake for sure so the kick back thing is going to be dead for awhile. I notice a friend in the back and just watch

and talk to him. His name is Miles " sonar " Burghoff and his father is Radar from the MASH T.V. series. He has a fishing

show on T.V. and is in the area because of his girlfriend at UC Santa Cruz. is his web sight so check it

out some time. After talking to him I make the flip round and pick up four fish. We have to be in an hour before closing

so I hit up shore before I go. I get two and miss one, others catch fish around me as well. I lock my boat back up to the

railing since the water is still really high. It will be fine for the next week, that's probably how long it will take for the water

to go down. Until next blog.

Thursday 3/17/2016

Get to the lake and meet Miles as he is leaving, done already I ask. He was not fishing, he lost a Go pro last time out and

was trying to get it back. It detached from the side of his kayak right next to the reeds. He did not find it and fell in while

trying, he had a long net and scoured the bottom. I head to the launch and get my boat, water is still pretty high. I do the

kick back thing, near the pump house and up the river, no fish. The flip thing leads to four fish, I hit up the usual start

spot then head to the left side of the lake. Its two and two as far as sides of the lake, these fish hate this dirty water. I try

the shore thing after coming in, funny we gain an hour but lose a half hour of fishing time in reality. I get nothing this time

from shore, no one else does either. I leave my boat on the rail, I will check it in a few days and see if I can get it to the

dock. I have five days away from the lake, hoping the water clears a bit by then. While I was kicking back I noticed two

of the shock boats out, they were just messing around. Shocking in the reeds, laughing, sounded like drunk hillbillies, I

think they were testing there equipment. Until next blog.

Saturday 3/19/2016

Been hitting up the pier the last few days, been on and off. I really am starting to notice how these fish are effected by the

tide. Never paid much attention to it, sure I caught them on low tide and high tide. People would ask and I would say just

that, caught them on high and low. What I really noticed is there has to be movement, either up or down for them to bite.

The tide was totally slack today when I arrived, no bites along the whole pier at first. The tide started to rise and sure enough

fish started hitting. Yesterday I got there when the tide was already moving and the fish where on fire, hits galore. So I guess

its live and learn in the ocean, or tidal bass water for that matter. I got some shots of a baby otter today, it is only about three

weeks old. Those thing are so buoyant when little, it could not go under the water as hard as it tried. Until next blog.

Wednesday 3/23/2016

Back to the lake after a long break and the water is down quite a bit. They still have the caution tape up across the whole

launch and my boats still floating. I get it off the railing and load it up to se what's up with the bass. The island is blocking

the end of the dock, strong winds got it moving again. The kick back time produces no fish, the water is about five inches

of visibility now and drown. Once it clears a little more and the drown tint goes away the fishing should be good. I move

to the flip thing and scan most of the usual water. I get four fish pretty quick on the right side of the lake, then move to

the far left of the lake. I fish that area and a lot of areas as I move towards the launch down the left side. One spot about

half way down the lake gets me action. One gets off, one is little and the third I break off on the hook set. No more action

until I enter the launch area, I pick one up along the jetty. I decide to leave my boat tied to the railing until next time out,

the island is still blocking the dock. Then just as I get ready to leave the wind shifted and the island started moving. I

wonder where it will end up this time, its heading towards the back. Until next blog.

Friday 3/25/2016

I get to the lake and the island is gone, can not see it anywhere from shore. Half way to my kick back spot I find the

islands, its in the middle by the pump house area. Not sure what it would be anchored on but I move past it and over

to my start spot. I get to my spot and I suddenly can not fish, I pulled a muscle in my neck and the pain is unbearable.

I try to deal with it for hours but finally leave and get some asprin at the store. I head back out around three, still in

pain but I can handle it. Work all the back water flipping, its my left shoulder that hurts so its just hook setting and

fighting that puts pressure on it. Catch four and miss two and little time is left, pick up the fifth with a minute left. I

head to the launch and this time put my boat on the dock. Funny thing, while kicking back the island moved and it

blocked the entrance to the back area by the virgin dock. Rick, miles, kenny, and some other boats came that way,

I said sorry no way out. Until next blog.

Saturday 3/26/2016

Up at four this morning, heading to Naciemento with a friend, finally a new lake to fish. Some neck and shoulder

pain but I have my pills now so I'll deal with it. Two hours later we arrive at the lake, foggy and cold to start. My

friends friend does not have his license, store opens at eight. We head right across from the launch and check out

the new trolling motor and graph. This is the reason for the trip, the boat is a day cruiser but he wants to fish off it.

So I came up with a way to set up the trolling motor on the stern of the boat. It all seems to work and its past eight

so we go get his friends license. They walk to the store and I stay with the boat, I catch a fish at the docks. Opps

you are not suppose to fish around them, oh well. We head to my areas, have not fished them in four years, fish still

there. Fish drop shots but mostly flick the gotcha flick stick, 1/16, 1/8 flick head all day. I get the most, over twenty

and miss as many, they have trouble slapping the slack as I call it. They both end up with some keepers before all

is said and done. So a good day and I am exhausted from the trip, lots of boats around as it is easter weekend. We

get the boat out and start the two and a half hour trip back. We have plans to make another trip in April, this one I

will film, forgot the hat came this trip. Until next blog.

Tuesday 3/29/2016

Hit up the lake after a very windy day yesterday, 30 mph most of the time and it killed my pier adventure. I head to

the back right, my usual kick back start spot. No fish and the water is dirty all over again, it was just starting to clear

in some places. I head to the river but sure enough the wind pushed all the dirty water up there. It was almost two

foot of visibility before the wind, so much for trying the toad. I head back to my start spot for flipping, the channel

near the virgin dock. I pick up one in the area then try a reed line heading towards the river. Pick up three fish, one

close to five that gets off next to the boat. Also miss three fish, all one the swim/flip craw with the bobble head. I

work the shore leading to the point and pick up two more. I decide to head back to the reed line that produced but

use the flipping jig. I have the swim/flip craw as a trailer, pick up five more fish, miss three and have one break me off.

That was my last flipping jig, scramble thru my box and find a football head that will work. Make another pass and

find one more fish, also have two pick it up and drop it. Hit up the left side of the lake on the way to the launch, get

one on the jig. I throw around the jetty before docking, break one off on the hook set. I pack the car and fish from

shore with another football jig. Catch one and have two pick it up and drop it, must be on nests with all the drops

today. Fifteen fish in total, bad news is I work the day job the next three days, might be different by then. The fish

might all be on nests, or off because the eggs hatched, water is 66 most places. On the way in I saw some really

interesting bed fellows, a duck and a turtle sharing a mud island. Until next blog.

Thursday 3/31/2016

Hit up the pier today and it was on fire just like the lakes I've fished. It was actually one of the best days I have

had in a long time. I friend that I give fish to was there and he was not doing well, he was glad to see me. I get a

couple good fish close to the rocks punching the kelp. Then the kelp packs together and I can not get my bait

to go through. I hit up the outside edge of the kelp and start finding fish there as well, good ones at that. A

big swell starts up and I think that is what got the fish going. I find fish all the way until closing time, I think I

gave my friend eight fish. Two other people fished around us but I did the most damage, I told them to try a

lighter plastic. They both had dark worms but light seems to be the spring color, dark gets going in summer.

At least the last couple summers that's been the deal. Until next blog.


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