Saturday 4/2/2016

Back to the lake on the first day I get to fish in April, hope its as good as last time. I head to the kick back area and end up with one

fish when its flip time. I caught it in the canal by the virgin mary dock flicking, had one other bite I missed. I start my flipping in the

same canal, catch a good one right away. I then notice fry all over in the back of the canal, guess I was right about fish being on the

nest. I head over to the bank that had all the fish last time, not a single bite. I work through most of the usual water in the river area

but come up dry. I head back to the canal I started in and fish the other side I didn't touch right away. I get one fish on that side and

get a fish in the same spot I got one earlier. I try all the same areas a second time, adding one more fish. I fish the left side of the lake

on my way back to the launch. Not one fish this time, I have only been getting a few along this side if any. The water is starting to

clear and lose its brown color. Another week or so and I think we might be good to go, and if another wave moves in to spawn we

might be golden. Until next blog.

Monday 4/4/2016

This is the day the lake is going to be open another half hour, so boats get a half hour more. The days have been warm and I am

thinking it might be a good day. I head to the back right side and start the kick back flick thing. As I get there I am encountered

with a bad sign, the carp spawn. They are everywhere tearing up the reeds and floating vegetation, all my spots. I try the canal

but sure enough not a bite, carp are even hitting my boat as I sit by the reeds. These are some big ass carp, I see some that are

almost three feet long, twenty to thirty pounds for sure. I leave the canal and try the shore that the flip bite was on, no carp hitting

it up. I anchor and find two fish while I finish out the kick back portion of the day. I go and check out all the river stuff but carp

are tearing it all up. I think about the shore past the point but the carp are all over it too. I head to dead girl ally and give a spot a

try, get one and lose one. The way back to the launch gets me a couple more, eight fish in total. Not bad for a day the carp messed

up most of my water. I load the boat and fish from shore, we now have about forty minutes after boat time. I pick up three fish on

the flick rig, all close to three pounds. Good day and I am wondering if tomorrow the areas the carp spawned might be really hot.

Lots of eggs just waiting to be eaten by small fish and crawdads, will have to see. Until next blog.

Tuesday 4/5/2016

I try a new regiment today, I work my old haunts along the right side of the lake. The ones right outside the launch, its deeper water

and maybe fish are sitting there after the spawn. Not one single bite, you always need to try new things because you never know.

Fact is none of the kick back areas produce a bite, miss the old days of many fish before flipping. The first part of flipping gets me

three fish, usual start spots. I head up the river to see if areas might hold fish because of the carp spawn. Lots of pops and sucking

going on in the reeds, bluegill eating the eggs but no bass. I see a few carp still spawning so I head across the lake. My friend Willie

is fishing the bank so I go and visit. His friend running the boat gets fish out of the middle of the trees, haven't tried the trees lately.

I head to the spot by dead girl ally and pick up a fish, then go on a tree run. I put on the swim/flip craw, most fish these last few days

have been on the flip jig. It works and I pick up five more fish throwing right in the middle of the trees. Back on shore for the last

forty I get one fish I miss in the areas that had them yesterday. I then walk under the redwood tree by the levy, its flooded and fish

are spawning around them. I flip two feet in front of me between to trunks, line takes off before I click the reel. Right before go time

and the fish is a good three. Have a day off and my next day out is right before a storm that's headed our way. Might make it a good

day, then again it is post spawn right now. Until next blog.

Thursday 4/7/2016

Light clouds greet me at the lake today, yesterday was over 90 degrees but today its in the 60's. A stiff wind is already blowing as

I head to the back right of the lake. I anchor by the shore that had all the flip fish a week ago, nothing flicking this time. The wind is

a pain so I duck behind the floating island, its new resting place shelters a cove I use to fish. I stay there for the rest of the kick back

time, nice to be out of the wind. I decide to flip a new fallen tree from this winter and get a fish, but its wedged under a branch. I give

it slack and I feel it swim away, but if I pull it back its wedged again. This goes on for ten minutes and I finally just break the line, I

can not get close to the tree. Hit up the canal and get two fish in the back, then try something new, the jitter jig. Been awhile but as

I said the water is clearing. I get two along the reeds where the flip bite was hot awhile ago, good sign for active baits. Leave to go

see if others are catching fish. Find Willie with Rick running the boat this time, he has a nice nitro bass boat by the way. They have

a few on senkos and flipping, catch two while I am talking with them. I go back to the jitter jig, pick up two fish outside the river

then head to the islands on the left. I pick up three more on the jitter jig, seven fish that's the best this year. I hit up the dead girl

area, this time I get two fish. Pick up two more before go time but the best part is the active bait thing. It should only get better as

the water clears more. Also might lead to a good toad bite, waiting to film a show on it. Until next blog.

Sunday 4/10/2016

Okay the storm I talked about on Friday did not really show up, Saturday's storm did not show up. Yes you guessed it, the rain came

today, I thought I was done fishing in the rain. I took all my poles but only a few baits, don't like getting my tackle bag wet. The kick

back flicking produced nothing but wetness and bailing the boat. I start the flip adventure and get a fish pretty quick, then go talk to

my friend Rick. They have nothing yet but just came out an hour ago, I flip near them although not a usual area. I get two fish and then

a third that flings both my claws into the water. No more swim/flip craw trailers so I put on a punch daddy I have in my pocket. Three

bites but they all drop it, I take the trailer off another jig and rig it on the flip jig. I then try the jitter jig around the waters I caught them

last time.... nothing. I head to the islands but a boat is on them, I go past and hit up dead girl alley. Nothing so I try the shore leading

to the point. I get two 3 plus fish and miss a third as I wait for the boat to leave the islands. This guy is not leaving but has moved to

the further back islands, I want to fish the ones that are submerged still. I pick up four bass and a crappie off the islands with the jitter

jig, not bad. Its almost go time so I hit up one flip spot on the way in, another small keeper grabs the flip jig. I work shore after loading

the boat, I get nothing but a kid catches three on a tube. Never tried a tube but I do have some sample flip ones I want to try. Maybe

next time out I'll throw one. Until next blog.

Tuesday 4/12/2016

A few clouds today but the wind is a little strong as I hit the water. I head to the usual kick back area and I see my friend Willie as I

head out. He is fishing alone and I call him for fun and ask if he is fishing, he finally see's me across from him in my boat. The water

is clearing even more but it has a ice tea brown tint to it right now. The kick back produces nothing again, where are the small fish

these days. The water has been warm for awhile but I am getting no small fish, kind of weird. I start flipping the flipping jig, I get

fish in the usual virgin mary dock areas. I then try the jitter jig in a few spots and get one fish to grab it, good day so far. I leave

the right and go to dead girl alley, pick up two fish flipping. The next area I get two more, this run and gun sort of pattern is

working for me right now. I work the islands with the jitter jig, three more fish to the boat, although this time they where in more

scattered areas. Time is running out so I hit up one more flip spot on the way in, get another fish to the boat. Fourteen fish for

the day, I am averaging double digits these last couple trips. I need to hit up the back of the lake and see if I can get a toad bite

going. Really want to do some filming, might also film the rock fish, that bites been good lately. Until next blog.

Thursday 4/14/2016

The wind is suppose to be pretty bad today but as I arrive at the lake its mellow. I drop my stuff off by my boat and as I walk

back to the dock Willie shows up. He is alone and I ask to go out, he says lets go. I put my trolling motor and battery back in

the trunk and hop in his boat. I dock the boat and grab all my gear which is by my boat, we head out. He wants to start on the

left side, I run the trolling motor. I kick back with the gotcha stick as he flips and throws a weightless texas stick-O. I gets two

flicking and he gets two flipping. We get back further on the left, near the housing area and see fry everywhere. These fish

are just off the nest, and in big schools, good spawn from this batch of fish. Willie puts his stick-O into every school he see's

but never gets a bite. I work the islands as Willie takes a nap, he works nights, I get nothing on the jitter jig. I head to the dead

girl area and willie gets a fish, then across to the shore leading to the point. I pick up two, Willie gets three as we round the point.

Its go time for Willie but first we wonder around with the graph, I see some cool bottom features before we go. The wind is calm

as he heads out and I load my boat. I have a couple hours and as I leave the dock the wind picks up. I try a few areas on the

right but pick up most my fish on the left. I work back though the water me and Willie fished, I end with eleven fish. The wind

has awakened the floating island which has not moved in weeks. It ends up at the dock again, I get in before it blocks off the

entrance to where we store our boats. I have four days of not being here so I am hoping that by the time I get back it has moved.

If not my boat is light enough to pick up and put on the other side of the dock, others not so much. I was going to take more

pictures but I forgot to change my almost dead battery, next time out with Willie I will. Until next blog.

Sunday 4/17/2016

You can always tell when the weather is hotter then normal here in Monterey. Its usually cold and foggy but a couple times a

year we get warm at the beach. I was at the pier after work today and it was almost 80 degrees, this beach usually has two or

three people on it. By the picture you can see its a zoo, looks like a southern california beach in the summer. There were also a

lot of people fishing and walking on the pier. The fishing has been pretty good as of late, I am getting five to ten fish each time.

Found some new people to give them to and they are shocked when I bring them to them. They say I just saw you a couple

hours ago, how did you catch these. I am good is my usual response. Until next blog.

Tuesday 4/19/2016

Back to the lake and guess what, the island never did move away from the launch. I think I am going to have to lift me boat

over the dock but there is room at the end to get out. I am kind of shocked at how much the water has cleared since I was

here. I can see down six or so feet, and it has that ice tea tint to it. I check the temperature and its up to 72 degrees, these fish

are in summer time water now. I kick back on the left this time, after the Willie thing I am going to toss the gotcha stick around.

It works on the first cast as a fish takes off with it on the drop, come unbuttoned during it first surge. I pick up two more and

end up near the islands. I don't fish them but instead head up the river, clear water means toad time. One boat is punching as

I pass him and go through the small channel of water that leads to the far back. The floating vegetation is going to close off

the far back before summer, the stuff grows like kelp. I catch two and miss a small one on the toad, might be film time soon.

I then head to the right area of up the river, the virgin mary dock side. I pick up six fish flipping in about twenty minutes, I

then break off my jig on the hook set. No more of that color ( Blue brown ) I made up the other day for my swim/flip craw

trailer. Switch to the dirty craw and get another fish, then head to the islands to try the jitter jig. Pick up two more around

the islands, fish are wide open right now. I flip till the end and get a total of twenty fish to the boat, nothing much over three

pounds but fun. I get back to the launch and find everyone is catching numbers, my 20 is average. Damn I thought for sure

I was out fishing everyone,oh well. Took some shots of the fry, they are now all over the lake. Until next blog.

Friday 4/ 22/16

Jinx, that's a good way to start today, I dealt with rain all day long. It was a good rain a lot of the day but it was on and off to

the point I dried out after each rain. I did not put on my rain gear or take my tackle bag, so few baits for the day. I headed to

the left and caught three on the gotcha stick to start. The wind then picked up and blew pretty hard the rest of the day. I

headed up the river to try the toad but a boat was already way back. Hung around the front area and caught three on the

spinner bait I made up yesterday. I flipped a canal I never catch more then one fish in and get nine fish out of it. I fished it to

stay out off the wind, glad the wind was up. I then head across lake and fish the islands with the spinner bait, get another four

fish. End the day around the islands and down the left side to end with twenty three fish. The flipping jig is a new one I made

up last night, darker blue and brown this time. The rain was a good thing but I fish tomorrow and I think it might effect these

fish. It was a cold storm and the water was just getting into the 70's, will see. Until next blog.

Saturday 4/23/2016

I am back and not to many boats are out for a Saturday, I head to the left to flick. I get two fish as I work my way to the back

of the lake. I am filming a new segment today, I am starting a video blog so I can just fun fish and film it. My other shows are

planned out and just one subject or bait, this is flexible. I head up the river to throw the spinner bait, one little fish today. It

is the bite that goes first post front, the active bite. I try the canal that was hot yesterday, not a bite, so glad I filmed today.

Go to a known area and pick up three fish flipping, my camera or me mess up and only get one on camera. I change the battery

and find the new one dead, so glad I filmed today. The next battery is good and I get two more fish on film, then miss one so

I am feeling better. I work the islands with the spinner bait but find nothing willing to bite, damn post front. I find one more fish

flipping then head across lake to work the water I caught them earlier. No more fish on film and one battery left, I go to the left

to finish filming. The last battery is dead when I put it in the camera, I use an old one to end the show early. To bad I did, I

find six more fish before I leave and flip a new bait. I flipped a tube on the bobble head, had them for a long time just never tried

them. Works great because I can just throw them as far back as I can, no claws or appendages to get snagged or rip off. I only

used one but I have some others to try next time. I am sure these fish have not seen a tube back in there before. I might film

my next time out, it will be pre-front this time. Until next blog.

Friday 4/29/2016

Get to the lake and there is a lot of boat traffic, guess the fishing is pretty good. I head to the right side and start with flicking

and it is fun. I catch five fish and a couple are in the three pound range. I then go to the river and throw the spinner bait, I get

one fish way in the back and it was small. I start the flip deal with the flipping jig but both areas I want to try have boats on

them. I work an area by the pump house and get a good fish, then double back to see if boats have left. They have but I blank

in both areas I try. Maybe the outside jig deal is gone right now, I head to the islands to throw the jitter jig. I get two good

fish but the spinner bait finds nothing by the inner islands. I flip the jig in two usually good areas but only get one fish. I then

try down the left side with the jig to end the day. Pick up a good fish but it pops off by the boat, slow would be my opinion of

the jig. I switch to the tube and the bite turns on for me, three fish I miss right away and bust one off. I then realize my tip has

a crack in it and is cutting my line. I catch a small fish, then miss two and bust a third off because of the tip. I switch to the

spinner bait and get a small fish first cast. Time is up and I need to head in, also need to switch rods until I can get a new tip

for my flipping rod. My friend found seven fish on the square bill today, guess I need to dust off my cranking pole. I also

filmed the show for another video blog, although the batteries died before the end of the day. Until next blog.


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