Monday 5/2/2016

Half day at the lake today because I had to get my car fixed for the second time in a week. My starter went out and I got the car

back on wednesday. Saturday on the way to the lake the new starter froze at 7-11, had to have it towed home. So first half of the

day spent waiting for the car to start. Caught one fish flicking before doing the normal routine stuff. Headed way in the back, might

be the last time for awhile, weeds closing off the canal. Nothing to show for the effort so I go out and flip a few places outside the

river. Pick up one fish and head to the islands to fish the jitter jig, get two bass and a crappie. I flip the usual spots and get some

fish to the boat, then switch it up. I go to the right side a little ways up from the ramp and throw the CCB crank. Friend caught some

the other day on a crank in the area so what the hell. I pick up one fish as I work back towards the ramp, but then its go time. Kind

of slow but I was knocked off my rhythm by the short day. Tomorrow I will bounce back, or at least have a longer day on the lake.

Until next blog.

Tuesday 5/3/2016

Get to the lake at the normal time today and head out to the left side of the lake to flick. A friend is out fly fishing, I hang out and

talk to him most of my kick back time. He is the former lake water guy for the city, dealing with the blue-green algae. Say former

because he retired this year, that's why I see him fishing so much lately. He heads in and I head to the right side of the lake to

try some flipping and the crank. No dice so I bee line it to the islands, jitter jig gets one fish, slow start today. I work far back on

the left side with a couple baits but blank. Flip the left side heading back towards the launch, I get one fish on the tube. Little early

to fish all the way down the left side so I go fish the bank leading to the point. Nothing there or any other place I try on the right

side of the lake. Back to the left side and start where I usually flip fish, pick up four fish flipping the tube. I then switch it up again

and try the crank over on the right side just outside the launch. I get four fish on my way this time, they were all pound fish but

still fun. These fish are starting to get outside, if the water gets back into the 70's it will be really fun. Until next blog.

Wednesday 5/4/2016

Today I am going to film a video blog about getting confidence in different baits. Been awhile since I have fished all day with a

crank or jitter jig. I have a few spots but that's it, and I fish them for not that long. I have three hours to fish and the winds is up

pretty strong, glad I chose active baits. I try the jitter jig over the islands but find nothing, wind is getting stronger and its cloudy.

I pretty much finish the rest of the time with the crank, easier to fish in this wind. I pick up four fish during the filming so it was

not a total loss. I then film the ending with my friend Rick in the background, he was on shore with his son. It turned out pretty

good as his son added some comments while I was talking. I have five days of not fishing but the weather is going to be cloudy

and scattered showers the whole time. Now that it is post spawn I really wish this water would warm up more. It will help the fry

grow and get these bass in a more active mood. Until next blog.

Tuesday 5/10/2016

I went to the pier yesterday for the first time in a long time and it was dead, no bites until the end. I then got one fish as they

closed it down. I joked that I hoped the lake was not like this after my long time off. Well guess what it is that dead, I got a fish

right away but then it went south. I worked all kind of areas that usually get me fish but nothing was biting. I got a small fish

and another keeper with three hours to go. I did not get another bite until right before go time and I missed it. The week of

cold weather and on and off rain must of slowed them. The water got dirty since my last time out, and it cooled off a few degrees.

The water has a foot visibility and the temperature is 66, was three feet and 68 last time out. Hope it gets better by my next

time out but the weather is not going to warm up. Until next blog.

Thursday 5/12/2016

Back to see if the lake has gotten any better, no one fishing shore or boats out, not good. I work the right side this time but

find no one home. I then troll the underspin on my way to the back of the lake. I get a good almost three and am happy to at

least not blanked. I flip all my old spots on the right side with no success, and I mead all of them. I crank the logs by the pump

house and get my second fish. I hit the islands and get a small fish on the jitter jig, hardly even fights. The rest of the day I

spend trying new spots and flipping way back with the tube. I pick up two more keepers along the way, it was way to much

effort for the two fish. I run down the right side with the crank before I go, not a bit, even crank the island blocking the dock.

As I get to the launch I find no one fishing that is usually there. The people that are fishing are fishing for carp, guess the

lake went dead for everyone. I think it always goes dead right before I leave to a tournament, the Delta FLW is next week

and I hope I get in. Until next blog.

Tuesday 5/17/2016

This blog is a combined blog since the fishing has pretty much been the same everyday. That would be not so good, this

lake does this every year before I go to a tournament. Its been three or four fish a day and that's it, sometimes on an active

bite and other times nothing on active. I have gone hours without a bite and I don't think I have caught one fish during the

kick back time. Well come to think of it I caught one on the big three inch one day, totally random. One day I caught three

on the crank, next two days out nothing. Caught a couple trolling the under spin between spots, nothing on the island with

the jitter jig. The penny wart has taken over and you can not flip most of the lake, unless you hit the outer edge. It is not a

good time and making it hard to focus on a single bait, its junk fishing. I leave to the Delta tomorrow and I would love to be

confident but its just not happening. I still don't know if I will fish, need to call them tomorrow before I leave. Hope when I

do I hear that I am close to being called. Until next blog.

Thursday 5/19/2016

I make it into the tournament and have to meet my partner at the sugar barge. I have never been there but it is a quarter

mile past our launch sight. I find the place and load the boat, we then make our way to boat check and wait for go time.

He is trying to find someone with chew and cigarettes, he did not buy any before hand. He takes hits off my clove until

he find his supplier, Roy and Sunny hawk, one for chew and the other for cigarettes. We are boat 42 and we finally head

out to his first spot. Its nice at first and I get some hits, he catches one keeper but then it gets tough for me. He starts

cranking the trough, a line between the reeds and the outer weeds. The wind kicks up strong at this time and he is go-

ing with the wind. I have no place to fish, we are right next to the reeds and the other side you get slimed. This last for

hours then we hit up and open inland lake with scattered weeds. I cast all over but find nothing, he gets one fish out of

the place. Last ditch spot is franks track, it is blown out by the wind but we fish it anyway. I get a keeper and he gets a

keeper and I miss one before its go time. No check this time, unless everyone did as bad as I did, fat chance. My one fish

needs to be measured three times before it touches the line. The only good thing about this tournament is I kept my never

blank streak alive. The weights are down but I would need a really good bag to make a check, could happen but the wind

is going to be stronger tomorrow. I guess I'll find out when we get on the lake. Until next blog.

Friday 5/20/2016

Find my second day partner after a meet call last night, he is not happy with me. Gets on me about being late and being

in the wrong place when I find him. We load the boat and launch, we go at it a little bit in the boat. After a bit of talking

we work it out, he says sorry for being a dick. His first day was bad, two fish, after a really good practice of fish to nine

pounds. No wonder he was a bit grumpy in the morning, we head out for the day. He has spots out of the wind which

is 15 to 20 mph already, its 6:30 a.m. He is throwing a drop shot and senko, I flick and tie up a drop shot. I get a keeper

to the boat right away, the pressure is off. I catch small fish for the next few hours, he gets a couple keepers to the boat.

We then hit up our last spot, the ghost town marine, million dollar housing area they never finished. Hundreds of

docks and canals with weeds and grass, he punched big fish here in practice. He tells me to throw the drop shot like

his partner did yesterday, I get nothing. I finally pick up the toad, staring at the weeds was driving me crazy. I get a

blow up I miss, then get a little keeper to the boat. Yes I am thinking, three hours later not another bite on the toad.

He did manage punch fish today unlike yesterday but they were all two pounders. I way my fish, 3.09 lbs. for both

days, that's one good fish in a normal tournament. I guess not being in the tournament until the day of is bad luck,

I tanked at Clear lake under the same situation. I filmed a tournament diary that I am in the process of editing, I will try

and get it uploaded soon. Until next blog.

Saturday 5/21/2016

Back to the lake, just headed back from the tournament on Friday instead of staying for the finals. I saved some money

on the hotel and I just wanted to catch fish again. I kick back on the right side today and throw flick rig and the drop

shot. I work a couple areas near the launch with no success, then troll the under spin towards the back. No action and

I sit in front of the pump house to finish the kick back time. I start the flipping in the canal I usually start in but nobody

is home. I head towards the virgin mary dock and flip some back water, less pepperwil in the area. I get three fish but

miss all of them, they swim with the bait but I swing and nothing. I run across lake and try the islands with the active

baits, no luck. Back to the back water for one more try, gave them an hour to chill. I catch five this time but I still miss

five fish, not sure what's up with that. Time is limited so I hit one more spot on the way in on the left side. Flip two fish

before its go time, back at the launch and no one is fishing. It must be really slow, a Saturday and almost no one on

the lake and no one fishing shore. I did pretty good for the day, I still have tomorrow as well. Made it into some back

water today, no fish but a turtle was hanging. Until next blog.

Sunday 5/22/2016

I start the day pretty much like yesterday, kick back on the right side. I try a finesse jig this time instead of the flick

rig. I actually get a couple bites this time, they were really little fish but still. I troll the right side with the under spin

and its a no go, my friend trolled three the other day along this shore. He was using a broken back, maybe I need to

troll the crank, next time. I pump house produces nothing so its flip the back water time. Not as good today, probably

because I found so many yesterday. I run to the islands but its still dead around them, the water needs to warm up.

The crappie fry also need to grow a bit, two and a half inch and they really eat them up. I go back to the back, I try

the tube this time, was flipping the swim/flip craw. Pick up another fish on the tube, work some new water while

back there but find nothing. Go time looming so I make a pass down the left side flipping the tube, snap one off

in my first area. Pick up two more fish on the way to the launch, another not bad day for me. I find nobody fishing

from shore again, both days of the weekend, that's new. I load the boat and as I do the manager notices that no-

body is there, she says to leave so she can lock the gate early. I head out. Until next blog.

Tuesday 2/24/2016

Been fishing the coast guard pier these last few days, its okay fishing right now. I am getting some different fish

then usual. I got a piccachio, not sure about the spelling, and a big rubber lip surf perch. The red crab they call tuna

crab are all over the place. They look like a crawdad and the fish and gulls are eating them up. A guy had red sand

worms that I borrowed and they got me tons of bites. I am also getting them on the standard cut tail worm I usually

fish. I am planning to film a show one day on the rock fish but at the moment I am not getting many fish. Maybe

when the crab leave and its back to normal I'll get numbers again. Until next blog.

Friday 5/27/2016

A week off for the most part so I don't know what's up with the fish. I do know that the water has not warmed up any

since my last visit. This is the longest I have seen for the water to get out of the sixties, its still 69 degrees. I start on

the right side and throw the finesse jig. I hit up four different spots but no action on the jig yet, water is a little dirty.

I then troll the under spin down most of the right side without a tap, trying the crank next time. I sit by the pump

house and finally get a fish on the jig, its about eight inches. A couple boats are out with me today and one says

they have a few, standard answer around here. I am going to film a blog about how tough it is but first I head to the

islands. I catch three and miss two on the jitter jig, off camera, figure I'll get plenty flipping. Well I said it was tough

and that's what it was, I get two flipping. Should of filmed the jitter jig fish, not sure why the flip bite died. I do know

all the fish where on the inside today, they all darted back in with the bait. Opposite of last time so next time out I am

going further in with my flip, maybe with the tube. Until next blog.

Sunday 5/29/2016

Back for a revenge day on the bass, at least that is my video blog title. I did so bad the last time out I need to find

some bass this time out. The kick back and my first round at the islands get me nothing but water. I then head to

the back water and start the flip deal. First areas its not looking to good, I get nothing. I then head further back

into the back water and start finding fish. The first four I get are way back in the thick stuff, okay seems right after

last time out. Then I start finding the bass on the outer edge in all the water they were void of last time. Get some

good fish on film and head back to the islands. I cast and cast and cast but finally get a fish to eat the jitter jig. I

then work my way down the left side and even head into the launch area to flip. Nothing to show for the last two

hours, back water or don't even bother I guess. Its more that there is just no way to get back in or in front of the

reeds along the left side. The pepperwill is just to thick, guess I hang in the same channel until the fish start to

hit off shore in front of the reeds. Should be soon, the crappie fry have to be getting bigger. Until next blog.


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