Friday 6/3/2016

Hit up the lake for day one of a four day stint, had time off for the wild west bass tournament. I did not go to it because I could

not get the money together. I filmed a show today and I must say the water changed up a bit from last time out. It is clear right

now, to the tune of almost four feet. It also has a dark brown tint, think the algae bloom that greened the water died off. I pick

up two fish kicking back which was nice. The rest of the day I flipped and tried the islands with the jitter jig. It turned out to be

a good day and the video is cool. I will have it uploaded soon so be sure to look for it. Now I have three more days to see if I

can find more fish. Until next blog.

Saturday 6/4/2016

Okay yesterday was a little tough but today it got a little worse. I find nothing during the kick back time to start with. I then

head to the islands and find nothing on the jitter jig. I do the flip thing and even those fish are not in the mood. I have three

fish after almost all day, I wonder to the far left to flip. I go because I have no where else to try, I find no fish. I am going to

just head down the left side but go back over the water I already flipped on the right side. I hit up one point I usually pass

by, caught fish on it before. I catch three fish and miss a fourth, glad I gave it a try. I work some other areas without a bite

and try the point one more time. I catch another good fish off it, in almost the same spot as two of the others. The wind is

blowing straight into it, probably pushing bait into it. I work a few more places before I head in, no dice but thanks to the

point I have seven fish for the day. Two more days and if it gets worst I might head to Coyote lake on my last day. If I am

going to catch nothing at least being on a new lake I have an excuse. Until next blog.

Sunday 6/5/2016

Another round of what I do not know, I am hoping a good day. Well the kick back part of it is not any better, no fish. I

try the islands with no success, not another slow day. I work all over the lake but am not able to find fish, well I do have

two to the boat. I keep trying areas over and over thinking maybe its just timing. No dice and not much time left, I try a

point with the under spin. The wind is blowing into it and I find a fish, 3.09 lb. and its right where is should be. I get a

bite after that but its go time. Maybe I have been missing the fish, with this clear water they are outside munching on

the fry. Still I could come back tomorrow and not catch a thing, I have a decision to make. Do I go to Coyote and film a

show or come back here and try the under spin in new areas. I still might end up having a bad day. Until next blog.

Monday 6/6/2016

I thought long and hard but I just came back to Pinto, could not find a report on Coyote. I start with the kick back

on the right side. Nothing after a few hours and my kayak friend passes by. I mention wanting to go to Coyote and

he says he was there yesterday, and did good. He caught nine fish for the day on flukes, the bite is picking up he

says. Great I should of gone, this better be a better day at least. I switch to a tube for flipping, bass seem to like a fish

profile right now. It works, at least in my mind, I find eight fish flipping. I did work some new areas but at least every

where I tried I caught a fish. I then work the point with the under spin, find two and miss a couple this time. I work the

point I caught them a couple days ago. Pick one up and miss another, this is turning out to be a good day. I head back

to the other point, find another fish and get a bite. Work along the reeds and then hit up the main point before heading

in. I get another fish and have some bites that don't hook up on that point. This is great, with the clear water these fish

are loving the under spin. If it stays like this next time out should be even better. Until next blog.

Friday 6/10/2016

Has not been to long as I pull into the lake, but there is only a couple people fishing from shore. One person out on

their boat, might still be slow for most. On the way to my first kick back spot I notice the water has changed. It has gone

dirty again, I can only see my bait down about a foot. It has warmed up though, I get 77 during the day. Nothing for

the first couple hours, I am filming a blog. I work a bunch of areas with the camera then decide to just wait until I get

a fish to film. Takes five hours before that happens, and it was only the second bite, first one dropped it. I work the

under spin on all the points without a bite. The wind has shifted as well as the water change, not blowing right for

action on the points. I can only see my bait down less then a foot, I try the brighter rib minnow. Still no lick and I am

ready to scrap the video. I flip the last hour and catch two before go time, good enough for a show. Now I don't know

what to do next time out. Maybe the wind had more to do with the slow point bite then the water condition. At least I

can always hope that's the case, the wind direction today was not normal. Until next blog.

Monday 6/13/2016

Get to the lake with just a few guys on the shore and one boat on the water. My friends is wondering if I have been

doing any good. I say on and off but most of the fish are in the two pound range, no big fish really. As I am there one

of them gets a fish, he gets snagged on a reed patch by shore. I, half joking say go in and get him its not that deep. He

does just that but it ends up being deeper then he thought, above his waist. I take a picture of them with the fish and

head out, I am filming today. The water is still murky so I am guessing the off shore thing will be dead. I flick two small

fish during the kick back time, then its off to flip. Find some fish for the video but it is still a little slow, not sure why. I

think its the higher then usual water level and the floating plant growth. Very different then what a normal year is like,

the water is high because they blocked the out pipe. The plants, well I think its just a good year for them as far as the

weather ect. Hope it all turns back to normal soon, the water is 75 so they should be really active. I am taking a week off

so maybe a change will happen by then. Until next blog.

Saturday 6/18/2016

Fathers day and a really popular lake for recreation near cities, not the best combination for fishing. That's exactly the

situation I am in today as I traveled to Naciemento for the day. My friend is camping with his family and boat, I hit up

shore before the evening boat time. Not easy to fish from shore with a gazillion camps set up along the beaches. I

have to hike a ways down shore to find no swimmers or float tubes in my way. Even then there are fisherman with the

same idea where I do start fishing. I catch one right away, about a pound, then get a couple bites as I walk shore. My

friend finally calls me and says we can go out, and where he is. I fish back towards him, he ends up being right below

my cars parking spot. I get another fish and have some bites before we load the boat. First I need to climb the hill to

my car, about sixty feet and steep. I make it then my friend drives up, could of given me that option first, I drive to

his camping spot and leave my car. The boat was fun, filmed it for a show, but to many waves in our first area. We end

across from the launch in a no wake zone, less fish but calm. I found some fish but my friend blanked, all week he

had a tough time. I showed him flicking but he still does not have it down, he thought it was just the fish. After I

hooked a couple he was frustrated for sure, kept asking questions about the technique. I think maybe the next time we

go out I will fish the drop shot. He knows that technique so if I catch them he will switch and maybe start catching some

of these spots. Until next blog.

Tuesday 6/21/2016

A week off from the lake so it will be interesting to see how the fish are doing. The water seems to have cleared up a bit

but not as clear as its been. I start off on the left side and flick, get one fish about 10 inches. I then try under the trees

by the pump house. Nothing there so I head to the back to flip, find the water stained brown, not good. Catch a couple

back towards the main lake then head to the islands. No fish want the jitter jig so I flip a bit around the islands, find one

fish willing to bite. The rest of the day I just do the flip thing for the most part, the swim flip craw saves the day. I end

with eleven fish which is actually the best day I have had in awhile. I did manage one small fish on the under spin, had

to work an area for along time to get it. The water is about two foot visibility right now, sure wish it would clear to at

least three feet or more. Then the outside bite would start, getting green might also help, now its just sort of black when

you look at it. Until next blog.

Wednesday 6/22/2016

Back for a back to back, sure wish the lake was more fun right now. I am going to try just flipping a big tube today, I

have had success on the four inch but this is a five and a half inch. Before that I flick the left side without success. I

then sit on the point but not even a bite, try where the under spin caught them. No fish there so its flip time, head to

where I caught them yesterday, no fish. Hit up the shore leading to the point, been getting some there each day. Find

a couple and miss a couple, I find one on the point. This big tube is working, green pumpkin copper flack is the color,

I have some other colors to try as well. The big boys are out today, meaning the bass boat guys, I hang and talk to them

for a bit. Willie says he might go to Coyote next week, I ask about tagging along, no problem is the response. The lake is

getting low and the island is blocking the access to the main lake for bigger boats. If he gets inspected at Coyote then

two other lakes do not need an inspection with the tag. After the talk I head up the river, been awhile since venturing

forth. I throw the super spook junior for fun, heard top water is happening for some people. Second cast I get a good

fish, are you kidding me, been pondering throwing it for weeks. Well the party never got started, soon after that I got

caught in the weeds. As I pulled it free it shot back and hit my boat, breaking the thing in two. So much more water to

work, oh well, I try a popper without success. I flip up more fish on the big tube before its go time. Need to stock a

new spook for next time, I think I have some more. If not I have a big super spook in baby bass, never really thrown

that one here. Hope a coyote venture is around the corner, was going to hit it up from shore but a nice Nitro would

be so much better. Until next blog.

Tuesday 6/28/2016

Get to the lake and its foggy, the usual summer pattern since the lake is close to the ocean. I go to the left side of

the lake to flick. Nothing in the spot so I work some other areas around the lake. Nothing during the kick back session

so I flip the new big tube around. Catch some good fish right away, am also filming a show so that's a good start. I am

planning to go try the spook in the back to see if the top water is going. Have the big spook this time, thought I had

another baby bass small one but I don't. I work the far back with the tube and find a lot of fish, top water will have to

wait. Finally the flipping slows so I head up river to throw the spook. Work the thing all over the back without a bite,

so much for my intro about top water for the video blog. I go back to flipping the tube and its lights out, they are all

over this thing under the floating vegetation. I get four fish in the last fifteen minutes of the filming, think I got ten

or more on film. I finish up the show and head in a little late, boss did not see me , all good. Until next blog.

Thursday 6/30/2016

Have not blogged about the pier lately but I still hit it up now and again. My schedule at the day job has made it

hard to get there, closing shifts. The kelp is really thick and I have been punching it for my fish, using heavy weights

now. I got use to doubling the half ounce for a full once, just so much easier to get through the kelp. I just sort of

drag it through instead of bouncing it, easier to feel a bite that way. I have had some good days and some bad days,

depends on the tide and swell. Had a cool picture I was going to take of a weight that hit the fence behind me. I hit

so hard it created a 90 degree wedge in the weight , must of hit the edge of the square pole. I don't now what kind

of force that takes but it would of hurt if it hit me. I am in the works of filming a show there, just to much wind for

the camera. Need to set up my other camera on the tripod and use my wireless mic, its got a shield. Until next blog.


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