Friday 7/1/2016

Hit the lake today to film hopefully some topwater if I can get some fish to bite. First I start out on the right side and flick the

point. I to my surprise end up getting three fish and two of them are keepers. I then hit up the islands and sure enough get

a fish to slam the spook. I make my way to the flip water and the day gets even better, I flip two almost 4.08 lb. back to back.

The action continues as I get a few more fish on film, trying a new color, ghost bluegill. I then head up the river and try the

spook, sure enough get another good fish. Work the area to death but only find a small fish that gets snagged on the hook.

Head to the shore leading to the point and flip out another almost four pound fish. Finish the day on the left side of the lake

working back towards the launch. I get a few bites but miss the fish, good day for the big tube. I head in happy with the filming

and can't wait to get it uploaded. I have a few more in line first so it will be a bit. Until next blog.

Monday 7/4/2016

I think this might be the first fourth of july that I am not working. I am going to the lake but I stop off at the fireworks stand

along the way.They are legal in Watsonville so why not fire them off while I am fishing. I start out on the left side again and

flick, pick up a couple small fish. Light off a smoke bomb and hit up the islands with the spook. Pick up another fish in front

of the same tree as last time out. Light off a couple more smoke bombs as I head towards the river to try the spook. I find no

action up the river, but do get a couple on a kayak to venture into the pepperwil. I tell him getting to the way back is frog

heaven, he loves top water. I film the whole ordeal as they almost get there, lighting sparklers as they try, being patriotic

since its the fourth. I work what has been great flip water without a bite, water browned up again. I finally get a fish on the

tube, then a little flurry along the shore leading to the point. After that no fish for the last three hours, I end the show with

a fountain on the end of my boat. I notice as it burns that a dry tree is right next to it, I turn the bow away from the tree. I

could just see starting a fire that burns up the hill towards the house on it. I head back to the launch, light my last smoke

bomb as I head towards my slip. Fun day and I have fireworks left for tonight, happy fourth everyone. Until next blog.

Tuesday 7/5/2016

Back for another round and I am surprised to see my friend willie is on the lake. He has the big Nitro and I thought for sure

that he could not get by the island blocking the launch. I talk to him on the lake and he says he scrapes his boat on the way

out. This week will be his last time out unless they remove some of the island. Then he will be going to Coyote and some of

the other lakes and hour away. I hope to tag along, be fun to film other lakes and techniques for awhile. I start my day on the

left side, although today nothing in my first spot. I then decide to try off shore, I have a couple spots that did good during

the winter. First area is dead but the second gets me three fish, good deal for next time out. I head up river but no action on

the spook, then I try something dumb. I try to get to the back water using the trail the kayak made. Not thinking it through I

almost get stuck in the floating junk. I can go in easy but if I don't make it through I can not turn around. A kayak is pointed

front and back, the back of my boat is flat. Takes my forever and a day to get out, stopping to rest plenty of times. I head out

of the river and flip but find no fish in the back water. I find five fish, all along the shore leading to the point, two I land. I work

some other water but its a no go, work through the shore leading to the point again. Try the left side but the day is done, and

not many fish to show for it. A algae bloom is starting and the water is turning green again so maybe the fishing will turn on

soon. This has been a weird year, the water keeps getting murky and brown, when is does the fishing dies. Until next blog.

Monday 7/ 11/2016

Have a short day at work so I head to the lake to try a bunch of new tube colors. I got the order days ago and it is killing

me to keep looking at them. I film a show but with only three hours I am not going to get to many colors. I start with black

blue tail but quickly switch to pumpkin chartreuse tail, bluegill color. I find seven fish in that short fishing time, I new that

color would work. Now I just need to find the time to fish the rest of the colors. I head back to the launch pretty happy

with the filming. I am looking at getting those tubes up for sale soon, I just loaded the swim/flip craw for sale. I also got

our under spin online, finally bought the right blade size. Until next blog.

Wednesday 7/13/2016

Been fishing the pier the last week because of a long stretch at the day job. Its been pretty slow, one day I did not catch a

fish. The other days its was one and done, I'm thinking its the tuna crab deal. This crab is in the bay from the unusual warm

water, its from down south. It is very easy to eat for the fish, gulls love it and even seen otters munching on them. My friend

gutted one and found them in its stomach, and they are all over the place. They are bright red so red sand worms are the

deal right now, if you catch any. Today as I arrived a guy had his camera filming him, he has a youtube channel. He has the

whole deal, gopro on his chest, drone in a case, even groupies that came to fish with him. The fishing is slow but I catch a

few while I talk to him, bought sand worms again. At the end of the day he launches the drone, two seagulls do not like it

and attach. He quickly brings it back down, one clip of a blade and its over for the drone. I have the next two days off and

am going to film at the lake. I have a new camera to try, bought and ion. Until next blog.

Thursday 7/14/2016

Arrive in the parking lot and am shocked to see my friends Nitro in the water. I thought it was way to low for him to launch ,

I hit my trolling motor last time out. I head all the way to the islands to fish off shore, got some the other day. I work it for

a bit then realize I forgot the hat cam hat, keep doing that. I get no action and head all the way back in to get the hat, then

head back out. I see Willie and talk to him about the day, he is finding it slow. I hook up the ion but only have the battery

that it come with, about two hours. Get a good fish right away but then nothing but misses for hours. The ion goes dead

but it did not matter, I can't catch a fish in this damn lake. I work water over again but the wind has come up and is making

it tough. I even try areas I never catch fish just because they are out of the wind. I finally get a fish to hook up right at the

end of the day. Glad I did not plan the whole day with the ion, I would of been pissed. The ion has no view finder so I have

no idea what it filmed until I get home. Hope it looks bitchen. Until next blog.

Friday 7/15/2016

Got a chance to look at the ion footage last night and its awesome. Should of got one of these things a long time ago, the lens

is perfect for that small boat. I put it right behind me pretty much but it gets everything, 150 degree lens. Today I hooked it

up with my inverter so it will last all day. Well I had some issues because the plug pulled out, left it hanging with the weight

on it. It turned off and would not come back on, I then noticed the plug half way in the outlet. Need to attach the thing so it

does not pull on the plug, easy fix for sure. Fact is I was not sure what I was going to get after yesterday but wow what a

difference a day makes. First off I caught three fish kicking back, tried the pump house and wood again. Got them flicking

and on the skirted bobble head, even missed another fish. Then the flipping was off the hook this time, switched back to the

pp&j tube but 5 inch on the 3/8 head. Was able to get it through the junk easier but I think the color was the deal. They are

munching on those bluegill back in there, and the bluegill will be dark in color like the pp&j. The pumpkin chartreuse is a

light color bluegill look, as if they where in light green summer water. The water is dark but it is also dark under that stuff ,

no matter what it was I caught over ten fish. I can not wait to check out the footage, ran the ion the whole time so it should

be incredible. Until next blog.

Tuesday 7/ 19/2016

The pier finally got a bite going, been awhile since I've caught more then ten fish. It was all at the end and on the outside

of the kelp. I spent most of my time getting bites punching the inside of the kelp. Also spent time near the beginning but

wondered back to the end near the end. A friend was there and I just decided to start casting way outside the kelp. The

fish responded right away, and some keeper size fish. My friend joined in and we caught a fish almost every cast the

rest of the time. That was in fact yesterday but today was the same deal but they closed a little early so not as many fish.

Funny at the end I headed down the pier to try a few more cast before the doom crew caught up. As they where walking

towards me the full moon came up behind them. To buy some time I said, now that's a photo waiting to happen. They

turned to look and sure enough took out there phones. Got me a couple more cast before the photos where all done,

did not catch one though. Until next blog.

Wednesday 7/20/2016

I decided to give myself a challenge today, spice up the routine and my video blogs. I challenged myself to catch a bass

on every four inch tube color. Before that I did the kick back in front of the pump house and did really well. I caught five

bass and had five others that I lost on the way in. They are really bunching up on the wood, I was throwing the swim/flip

craw on the skirted bobble head. At first I was getting a hit every cast, some where small but still better kick back action

then before. This is also the second time in the same spot they bit, and its been four days. That might mean they are there

to stay for the summer, some had fat bellies. I then started the color challenge, started with the colors I have not caught

one on and then the ones that I have. I met the challenge right at last cast, funny thing is the hardest one was the PB&J.

That's the one I smacked them with my last time out, of course that was the five inch on a heavier head. The wind was bad

towards the end and I had to go over old water because the new was blown out. The video turned out great, I need to do

some more challenges in the future. Next one might be a fish on all flip baits I use. Sorry about the lack of photos lately, I

film so much now but I need to take pictures as well. Until next blog.

Friday 7/22/2016

Forgot to mention in the last blog that on the way in saw a guy swimming. Could not figure what I was seeing, first a bird

then a canoe, then maybe a fish, felt like a superman intro. Never saw him appear by the launch so it must be someone

that lives on the lake. Today I went back to the swim/flip craw, just wanted to see how it would do. First the kick back but

not as good as last time, only a couple small fish. The flipping started out a little slow but it really got good towards the end.

Picked up a 6.10 lb. and got it all on film. Biggest fish I've caught on film, it was way back in the junk so it made great footage.

Actually most of the fish were way back in the stuff, don't know when they are going to get outside. Of course I have not

tried that much off shore except the spook. Need to spend some time throwing a crank, or maybe the jitter jig or spinner bait.

The way out of the launch is getting shallow and some boats can't go out any more. My friend showed up in his big Valco ,

thought I had not seen him because it was a no go. Said he hurt his back and that was why, he asked for some of my tubes

to try. Gave him a few but he did not get back to me for an update like he said he would do, oh well. I ended with over ten

fish and most where over three so it was a good day. Can't wait to get that fish uploaded, good promotion for the swim/flip

craw. Until next blog.

Sunday 7/ 24/2016

Finally spent a day just fishing and did not film, felt nice after all the ones I've been filming. Ended up being glad I did not film

because I did not get a fish until after 3:00. Of course after that I ended with 9 fish and a lot of them over three pounds. I went

back to flipping the tube, PP&J to start then green pumpkin chartreuse tail. I fished some areas on the left this time, all my areas

on the right where dead. Lots of boats out and that might have been the reason, might of been the same on Saturday. I did

have some guys catch a lot of fish next to me by the pump house. They where throwing live night crawlers over the logs , I

got nothing flicking or with the bobble head. The fish where all in the deep stuff for me, some of the stuff is still growing like

mad while other places its all dead. Not sure why but I have started to focus on the live stuff now, the dead stuff is now to

dead. It was good when the process started but I guess what they feed on leaves when its further along. No problem be-

cause there is still plenty of live stuff to focus on. I am going to finally film at the pier this week, should be a good one since

I have finally found some fish. Back to filming the lake later this week. Until next blog.

Friday 7/29/2016

Arrive at the lake and something is different, they finally did something about the island blocking the launch. They took a

floating back hoe and tore out the part near the right jetty. Some of the reeds are scattered all over the lake that they removed.

They moved all the rental boats to the other side of the dock so I new something was up. This just means more traffic for the

lake, but I am use to that. I started by the pump house but blanked by the end of the two hours, the waters pretty clear so kind

of surprised. The usual flip area up the river was slow, only picked up three fish. Tried the under spin on a point but no fish

wanted it. Worked new water, well water I have not fished in awhile for the last few hours. Ended with ten fish I think, filmed

the whole thing so I could always count. A friend was there towards the end and he already had three fish on a frog, might be

toad time. A house fire started right by the launch, got it on film, thought it was a trash burn at first. Then sirens started to

head to the area, as a bunch of coyotes started yelping in the trees by me. I am getting a drone to start filming aerial views of

some of my spots. Think it might be fun to show the areas I fish from the sky, better idea of the water. Its a cheaper drone so

don't know how well it will film, but what the heck. Until next blog.

Sunday 7/31/2016

What do you expect on a Sunday in the middle of summer, that and they moved the island. Crowds, yes when I get to the

lake there are 15 boats on the water. As I kick back I can see four or five boats at all times, most in awhile for sure. The thing

is the fishing was not that good, they where back to biting then letting go before hooking. I caught nothing off shore and

four during the day but had 8 or 9 other bites. Still not sure why they get that way, or the fact its all small fish. I filmed the

show but at least I got four, others I talked to had none or one. I have four days in a row to try the ocean now, want to try

another rock fish show but at the jetty. I have not fished there in a long time but I always get fish, small but always fish. I

then might try the dock at still water cove, heard about big surf perch. I was going to do a day trip to coyote but I heard

they closed it do to low water. Might be just boat traffic but I will have to make sure, there is anderson just down the valley

but never been to it. I desperately want to film at other lakes, tired of pinto, pinto, pinto. Until next blog.


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