Thursday 8/4/2016

Been hitting up the rock fish these last four days, some good some bad. Headed to the jetty on monday but did not get a bite. I

have not done that very often, high tide to boot. I tried both sides of the damn thing, one side was choked up with weeds. So

no filming a show there right now. The pier was great one of the three other days, found fish way out. It was one after the other

and bigger fish, caught a piccachio ( spelling ? ) which is rare. The other two days I caught a few and they where smaller but a

kid and his dad took them. I talked to a fire fighter the last day, he drives a dozer, told me all about the fire. I went to shake his

hand and it looked like a homeless persons, ground in dirt. I took a picture because it was such a classic hand of a fire fighter. I

also got some pictures of the smoke from the fire, wind blew it over the pier one day. You can tell from this that it is a big fire, it

is going to burn for a month before they get it contained. Until next blog.

Friday 8/5/2016

Back to Pinto and I find my boat wet, been a heavy marine layer the last week. So much so that I find the lake has cooled of 5

degrees, that a lot for four days. The kick back by the pump house is a bust, not a bite, oh wait one four inch fish. The flip bite

starts out great, three fish right away but then fizzles out. I get one more the next two hours, then decide to hit up a new spot.

Glad I did because it took off from there, one area was stacked with fish. I was using the swim/flip craw because the water is

so much cooler, kind of like a cold front. Thought maybe the baitfish had moved out or at least are less active, either way it

worked. I think I ended with 12 or 15 fish, filmed so I could always count, and lost a few. I worked the one area more then once

and caught them each time. So a pretty good day even with the cooler water and my drone should be at the house when I

arrive. Can't wait to play with aerial footage. Until next blog.

Saturday 8/6/2015

Bad news about the drone, it was waiting for me but there was a problem. I ordered the wrong thing, well the right thing but

only the drone. No controller, no camera, no nothing but the drone, basically I ordered a spare drone. Thought I got ripped

off but went back and read the description, big bold letters, NO CAMERA, NO CONTROLLER. So I ordered the right one but

might as well keep the spare, I'm new to flying them. I now have to wait again for my drone to arrive, this is driving me crazy.

As far as fishing it was alright, bailed on the kick back and followed my friend Luke around for an hour. He caught one and

his girlfriend caught one. I switched to the big daddy tube and caught 13 fish, biggest 4.04 lb. So much for them being on the

craw only. The fish where scattered all over the lake today, some in the area from yesterday but only a few. Talked to a few

guys and they only had a couple fish. I guess I am the only one finding number these days, flipping lighter and using a dif-

ferent bait is the reason for sure. Did not film and I sure wish I could find a new bite soon, its nice to catch big fish on film

but tired of flip, flip, flip to do it. Until next blog.

Tuesday 8/9/2016

Had a little bit of time after the day job so I headed to the pier, pretty good day. Funny thing is I caught a different species

first four fish. It went blue, kelp, olive, piccachio and a little after that another kelp. I have been getting almost all olive for

the last few weeks. The fish have been staying in the same area lately, at the end and out far. It must be dead for most of

the fisherman because I have been the only one fishing. That or maybe they are tired of the tourist, there have been a lot

of them this summer. I need to try still water cove and maybe lovers point so I can film another saltwater video. Then go

back to the jetty and see if I can find them there. I am waiting for my drone to come, the one I can actually fly this time. I

am already looking at a bigger one that I will be able to fly in more wind. The one I got is pretty small but it is the best one

for its size according to the reviews. The video is 720 but footage I have seen looks alright and does not have the jello look

most none gimbal ones have. Until next blog.

Wednesday 8/10/2016

Today was the first time I have spent all day filming and can not use the footage, or at least don't want to. I caught one

fish, well keeper the whole time out. I only set the hook twice other then that, one I broke off one I missed. Still have no

idea why some days they pick it up then drop it. This has been going on all summer, I feel them, get ready to set the hook

and no fish. I might say its the bait but today it happened on different baits, craw and tube, even skirted craw. My friend

Rick said Willie killed them yesterday, not sure how many killed is but more then one I would assume. The water has gone

even colder, got 70 this time out, 70 in the beginning of August. I remember getting 80's in August the last few years, I

bet global warming is to blame. Back on friday to try another blog, sure hope its better. Until next blog.

Monday 8/ 15/2016

Been to the lake a couple times before this blog but I might as well put them all in this one because it sucked. Three days

now and a total of six fish maybe. Since I have found the water to be cooler the fishing has been tough. I did find a fish one

of the days on a toad, that was fun. I have been working all the flip water and even going to other places but finding no fish

that want to eat. I am switching between the swim/flip craw and the tube but neither seem to get a reaction. Also been trying

different colors to no avail, want to film again but like I said fishing sucks. I did find more fish active today but still only had

three at the end of the day. I got three little fish to pop the toad where I caught the one so maybe if the days warm up more

fish will be there. I filmed from the drone this morning and got some great footage but it jellos. The wind was down and I

got the drone pretty high and you can see the whole lake from the launch. I have learned to fly it alright, enough to get a

good view of areas of the lake but I need the bigger drone. The little one hates the wind, never be able to fly it from the boat

and get it back to the boat. But for 50 bucks it helped me learn to fly a drone and get some alright footage. Still not ready to

shell out $350 for a be bop drone. Found one for under a hundred that you can put a go-pro on and get some great footage.

Can't view while you film but you learn what it films after a few flights. Until next blog.

Wednesday 8/17/2016

The pier has been pretty good the last few days, and almost nobody fishing. The tide has been high but the kelp is in full

force, thick from one end to the other. There use to be open spots along the way and that's where most people fished. I

love punching the kelp and now the fish are starting to hang out under it. The crabs are still around and I also think most

fisherman blame them for slow days. Match the hatch and fish red baits, worked for me today towards the end. I got a fish

every cast until the doom crew came. I need to do another show at the pier, last one was all outside fish, now I can punch

to get them. Drone footage would be great but the wind is always to strong for my little one. I am thinking about just or-

dering the big one, I have the money set aside. Its just the fact I just bought the little one and only filmed with it once,

seems like I wasted my money. Then again I crashed it plenty of times learning, would not want to do that with the bigger

one. I hate feeling stuck on a decision, oh well will see. Until next blog.

Thursday 8/18/2015

Back to the pier and well you can always tell when the car show is in town. Pulled into the parking lot and found a whole

lot of expensive cars parked side ways. I of course had to take a few pictures, man I know why these cars are so much,

total peice of art. Like the fact the engine is on display, twin turbo I hear. The fishing was pretty good as well, found the

fish on the outside again. A friend was there and I gave him five good size fish, he comes from far away and it makes it

worth the trip if he gets fish. Until next blog.

Friday 8/19/2016

Sure hope the fishing is back to normal because I have three days off in a row. I plan to film a show after the bad taste

in my mouth from the last attempt. Well it does not start out on a up note, no fish or a bite during the kick back time. I

just put on the hat cam to start, want to see if the fish are active flipping. It takes a bit to get the ion hooked up so if

its slow I'll just use the hat cam. First few hours, yes few hours, is not pretty and without any action. I'm not going to

bore you with a long rant about the fishing. It was the worst day ever, eight hours without even a bite. Did not know

that was possible at pinto in the summer. I am not looking forward to the next two days if this is the pattern. I can't go

to the pier, to crowded with the show going on. Until next blog.

Saturday 8/20/2016

Day two starts off like day one, no action at all kicking back, tried the left off shore this time. The flipping starts off

with a fish pretty quick, but its a catfish. I then get three bites from bass, yes three and in the first hour or so. So I am

already doing better then yesterday a few hours in. The day does not get much better but I do manage to get two

bass to the boat. Had to flip a lot of water but two and some bites feels alot better then nothing. I really hope that for

some reason the bite gets better tomorrow. Until next blog.

Sunday 8/21/2016

Not really in the mood to spend a third day at the lake so I brought my drone to mess with before heading out. It

is great drone weather to start, no wind at all. There are a lot of shore fisherman, the shiners are back and the bite

is pretty good. Also the small crappie are on fire from shore, people getting five and six in a row. I go though both

batteries with the drone so I should have some footage I can use. I load the boat and head out, but not to fish at

first. My friend Rick and Willie are fishing live shiners from his boat, I follow and chat. Me and Willie talk drone

as he is getting one and is just learning about them. They catch only a couple on the shiners and I finally head out

to hopefully catch some bass. Turns out to be a normal day for the most part, kick back nothing, flipping some

thing. I caught seven bass and a 4.08 lb. kicker for my limit, finally a limit. I end the day talking to another friend

for an hour, and not fishing. He said he went to coyote lake and the fish are schooling the shad, I am going to

get some topwater footage. It will also be good to take a break from this lake, tired of flipping. Until next blog.

Sunday 8/ 28/2016

The lake has been slow for the last week, not sure why but its slow. I have been catching a few fish a day but that is about

it. I am also getting really tired of flipping, wish there where fish on the outside. I have been kicking back in many different

places these days but still finding no fish. The flip fish have been small that I have been catching as well, most of them are

not over two pounds. My friend told me today that he went to Coyote lake this morning and did pretty good. The fish where

schooling the shad all over the lake. Mostly small but I would love to fish a good topwater bite, anything but flipping. I am

thinking about going to the lake this Wednesday. I got yelled at by Pat on the way out of the lake today, because I was late

checking out. I just wanted to pay my rent and was delayed because another boat was leaving at the same time. I am also

tired of dealing with the management at this lake. Until next blog.

Wednesday 8/31/2016

Hitting up Coyote today, am going to film a show while I am there. I have not been to this lake in three years I think, needed

to goggle directions. Only takes about 40 minutes to get to the lake, thought it was further away. I pay and head to the dam,

that's where my friend said the action was. I see no chasing as I unload above the lake in a turn out. I work my way down to

the lake shore, still no action on top. I walk a ways up and down the lake trying different stuff, finding no fish. About three hours

in I leave the dam and try a spot mid lake. Nothing there so I go back to the dam for another hour or so. No fish, no chasing

and not many more options so I go to the closed launch. I finally find fish, I catch five before I leave but on the jig not on top. I

saw no top water action even right before dark, the weather cooled off. It was colder and foggy since the day my friend saw

all the action. Oh well I got to cast for fish and not flip, made my day but no show this time. Until next blog.


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