Sunday 9/4/2013

Back to Pinto although I don't really want to fish the lake at the moment. I guess after so much time at only Pinto even if

you catch a lot of fish you get bored. I catch a few fish but it is still slow, and nothing outside the junk. I do find the whole

back area past the virgin mary dock covered with vegetation. I work the whole area with the toad but nothing rises. I have

to flip all my fish again. I see my friend Luke on the lake and go talk to him about Coyote. I say I was duped by someone

talking me into going to Coyote for a top water bite. I tell him nothing was on the surface, all day long and only caught a

few fish. He laughed and says he swears they where chasing the day he went. The only good thing about today was I

caught a small turtle. I named him Pinto after the lake, I have a aquarium at home just waiting for him. I always wanted one

but never caught a small one. Until next blog.

Wednesday 9/ 7/2016

I head back to Coyote today, I want to film a show now that I know where to catch them. I go straight to the launch to see

if all day will get me more fish. I take my second camera with the wireless mic, last time here it was windy. The wind is down

as I arrive but that does not last long. It comes up a little bit as I catch a few fish update style. Right as I am ready to set up

the hat cam the wind really starts to blow. Then white caps start blowing down the lake and its a cross wind. Even my se-

cond camera with the lapel mic will not handle this wind. So I do update style almost the whole day, found some times I could

use the hat came towards evening. I managed to make a pretty good show, about fifteen fish I think. I caught a lot of them

on the gotcha stick flicking. In a 15 to 25 mph wind, never thought that would be my choice of baits but it worked. I also got

a few on the jig, might need to make up some more jigs next time here. So over all it was a good day, have a few Pinto shows

to edit before this one comes out. Until next blog.

Thursday 9/8/2016

Back to Pinto although I really would rather go back to Coyote but the winds are suppose to blow again. I have a surprise

when I get to the lake, my friend Kevin is fishing. I have not seen him in months, I search for him on the lake before I do

the kick back thing. He says he caught fish out in the middle of the lake on a rattle trap. I follow him to a buoy in the mid-

dle of the lake. He tries then trolls around to try and find the fish, I decide to try the under spin around the buoy. I catch

a three pound fish first past, then nothing for the next thirty minutes trolling back a forth. I go to flipping after that and

of course get some fish. The water is cooling off even more, never did bounce back after the cold front in August. I get

70 as a surface temp now, that's pretty cold for the start of this month. We might have our indian summer this month and

it could come back up a little. As I fish near the dock on the left side of the lake my friend asked why boats are allowed

on the lake. I guess they closed the lake while I was out, caution tape all around and a lake closed sign. The algae got

to toxic levels I guess, might be closed for a month. last year it happened in October so if it keeps blooming it might be

closed that long. Until next blog.

Friday 9/9/2016

Since Pinto is closed and I have three days off I am back to Coyote to film another show. I learned about a point just

past the launch, a kid caught them big time last time I was out. I also heard the drop shot is a good technique, makes

since because live crawlers seem to kill them at this lake. I film some drone footage before heading down the hill to

the point. I find fish right away at the point and I was able to use the hat camera. I leave after a couple hours and try

the launch. A few fish but people start to show up and my spots are fewer and fewer soon. I go back to the point to

finish the show. Back at the point I finally hook up the second camera, no mic since the wind is down. It all works out

and I end up making a good show. Getting backed up with shows, like these blogs as of late. Need to spend a whole

day just editing. Until next blog.

Monday 9/12/2016

I just needed to throw in a pier blog, it has been pretty good. The fish have been bigger then normal and they have been

in the kelp. It is thick right now which keeps most fisherman away but I love it. I need to do another show because my

last one was all outside the kelp, way outside. I can label it punching for rockfish this time, sounds like a fun show and

I have not filmed it yet. I also did some drone filming at the pier the other night, it was dead calm and right at sunset , it

turned out really good. Next week I have some short days at the day job so maybe I'll film. Until next blog.

Tuesday 9/13/2016

I decide since Pinto is closed I might as well make the best of it. I look for directions to Anderson lake, its down the valley

from Coyote. Only ten minutes further at most from Coyote so why not give it a try. Well while I am checking it out I see

another lake right across the valley from it. Chesbro, never even heard of the lake but I decide to give it a try. It is a little

lake, 245 acres, and a little bit closer the Anderson. I find it no problem, takes about 50 minutes and park at the dam. I

talk to some people and its not good, they never catch much at this lake. They say its the worst of the five lakes in the

area. Five, I need the check out the other two I don't know of soon. Well I figure I am a pro I can catch some fish, no

dice for almost seven hours. One bite total on every bait I try, and that is many at this point. The water is clear, maybe

5 or 6 foot visibility. Finally at the very end a local shows up, fishing a jerk bait, thought about it never threw it. He

catches five small bass as I follow him down the lake, I get one on the under spin. Now I know the bait and will come

back for revenge on Chesbro lake. Also might explore more of the lake, stayed at the dam all day. So much for a show

fishing a new lake. Until next blog.

Wednesday 9/14/2016

Off to Anderson this time, sure hope it works out better then yesterday. I arrive at the lake, pay my fee, Chesbro is

free, and park my car. Wind is down so I shoot some drone footage then check out the area. You can only fish the

dam area, no road leading anywhere else. I hit up the closed ramp, to low for boat access right now. I want to go

towards the dam but its to steep of a shore line. I head the other way but its not much better, right by the shore is

like quick sand. Up above is not much better, steep and loose rock are all you get. I find three fish along the shore

but almost die going it. Slip one wrong way and you will probably break an ankle, or leg, or arm, ect. I find that if

I round the bend it flattens out and there is a flat and point to fish. Problem is the bend is a rock out crop that does

not look fun to climb. I make it and catch a fish on a jig, I spend a long time fishing the area. I then wonder even

further down lake to find no fish. I finally head back and fish some along the way, get a few bites. Back to the safety

of the launch I get one bite on a jig before I call it quite's. At least this one will become a show, although it is fish

first then mostly adventure after that. But the adventure is half the fun, not really in this case, more like being glad

you did not kill yourself. Until next blog.

Friday 9/16/2016

Back to a lake I know I will catch fish, Coyote, after the last two outings it feels good. I met a French tourist at the

pier yesterday and he is heading to the lake. He films a show back in France as I find out by the link he sent me. We

arrive at almost the same time, he pulls out of the ranger area as I pull in. I find him at the launch, I pull out the drone

and do some filming. He dawns a hat with a go pro attached and grabs his stuff and says lets go catch bass. I say I

am going to the point, he says he is going to walk the lake. I expect to fish with him but he never shows up, he does

fish across the cove from the point but goes back to the launch. Later I see his car leave the launch, he drives by my

car and I wave. I expect him to pull over and come down but I see him keep driving towards the dam. He saw a video

of a guy catching them at the dam, I told him I tried and it sucked. I never did see him again, I did meet two other guys

that I had a lot of fun fishing with. They are both in the video I was filming, caught a lot of fish again in fact. The drop

shot rules that lake, used the debunked Blade worm in green pumpkin, still have some left. Sure wish the French guy

would of shown up, don't know if he found fish. If he would of fished the point he would of had a great show of his

own. Until next blog.

Monday 9/19/2016

I head back to Coyote and straight to the point, seems to have great fish on it. I am filming another show so I shoot

some drone footage first. I then make my way down to the point and something is different. I am getting no bites to

start with. The water seems to be a little more stained but that should not make a difference. I get a few fish and a kid

shows up at the point. He gets one on a senko, I get one more that jumps off. We talk and the fishing is slow, I say

maybe the launch is better. After an hour of slow fishing and a couple hours left to fish I head to the launch. I find a

lady catching them cast after cast on a night crawler. She says she got a 6.01 and a 4.5 already today, The kid shows up

and we fish next to her. I get them right away, she leaves and gives the kid some crawlers. We both catch fish all the

way up till its go time. A bad day turned good, if we would of stayed at the point we probably would of caught nothing.

Always good to have a back up spot when fishing, the show turned out great. Until next blog.

Wednesday 9/21/2016

Hit up Anderson today but go to the other side of the lake this time. It is a state park and a really nice picnic area that

you park in. I film some drone footage and talk to another fisherman before heading down the hill. The wind is calm but

as I get to shore it has picked up. As I head to a point for the first cast the wind is over 10 mph, not good. By the time I

start fishing it is pushing 15 mph and white caps are starting to show. I catch a couple right away on the drop shot, then

the wind goes full force. I found out it was a red flag day for wind, it blew 15 to 20 mph the rest of the day. The water got

all dirty, I could hardly fish at all, not to mention film. I had to go update style but I did manage five fish for the day. It will

become a show but man what a bad day to fish. Until next blog.

Monday 9/26/2016

Back to Anderson today and well the conditions are a bit different, its a 105 degrees. No wind which is nice but I only

brought one small water bottle. I film some drone footage first and then head down to the lake. I hit up the point but I find

no fish willing to bite. I head toward the bridge and a point that leads into the narrow river section. I work the drop shot

but then notice fish chasing shad. I grab the under spin and wait for action to happen, then cast at it. It works and I get

some fish right away, and they are good fish. This goes on for about a hour and a half, I get six fish but then they stop

working the shad. I sit and wait, and wait, and wait, casting random from time to time. The fish never do work the shad

again all the way until I leave. I pick up a couple more fish on the under spin before dark and some guys get a few crappie.

Not sure why they never chased again, full maybe from all the earlier action. Filmed all the action for a show so that was

nice, have not hunted top water bass for awhile. A big fire broke out while I was fishing, put it in the show and took a few

pictures. I leave and head to a store to buy water, my mouth is so dry. Until next blog.

Wednesday 9/28/2016

Back to Coyote and the weather has cooled down a bit, I am hoping for some top water action here. I find no action on

top water and at the point, no action on the drop shot. I do manage two small fish after working the whole point, what the

heck is going on. I head to the launch, it was good last time the point was dead. The people fishing the launch left so that's

why I headed there, to stake my claim. Good idea but even the launch is dead, well at least for keepers. I get some small fish

the rest of the day but it is slow. Some other people showed up towards the evening but they did not catch much. Thought

for sure that after the hot weather the fishing would be good. I did get one fish that threw up a big shad so maybe the fish

were feeding mid column and not on the bottom. Never did throw the under spin around the launch, a couple times at the

point and got a small hit. I am hopefully heading to some ponds this weekend, a viewer invited me and the pictures he sent

show some nice bass. Until next blog.

Friday 9/30/2016

The pier has been pretty fun as of late, well if I can get the fish over the kelp. Bigger then normal fish but the kelp is dieing

off and it if pretty bunched up. The fish head strait into it and you end up not being able to get them out. I have broke off

so many rigs as of late. I am also just throwing whatever worms I have in my trunk, they don't seem to mind. I am going to

film another show as soon as the winds die down. They have been really strong but that is what you get at the ocean in

the fall. The lakes have been the same way, making up date style all I can do some shows. Until next blog.


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