Saturday 10/1/2016

Have a viewer that knows about some ponds in Carmel Valley that have bass. He invited me to fish with him so I am

heading there today after the day job. I get the directions and head out, I get there right before him and we venture

forth. There are three ponds and they go small, medium, large but large is not very big. I smallest I call the bath tub and

is the size of two large cars. He fishes a frog and a fluke while I try a twitch-it shad to start. He catches a good almost

three on the frog, I switch to the drop shot and catch the same. I get a lot of bites in the large pond but only hook the

one. We get kicked out by a golfer, mean old man, most of them ask us how its going. I catch a bass from the bath tub

but never from the middle pond, we head to the main pond. Its a lot bigger but near the club house so kick out odds run

high. We don't get kicked out and catch a lot more fish, his all on the frog, me on various baits. I filmed the whole thing

and it was fun. He might give me his footage for the show, he had his go-pro on. Until next blog.

Sunday 10/2/2016

I head back to the pond today to get some drone footage. It is a little windy but I do manage to get some footage that

will work. Try to be sly during the filming, some places get freaked out if you fly a drone. I have time after to fish so I

throw the drop shot. I get a few hits in both smaller ponds but no hook ups. I do end up with three fish out of the large

pond, funny one small, one medium, and one large. I do not try the main pond because I have so little time, it is a walk

to get to it. I am going to hook up with the viewer for some future pond shows, not sure if these ponds or others. He

pretty much only fishes ponds, He's been fishing less then a year. Not bad because he kicked my ass the first day we

fished. I need to fish a frog more. Until next blog.

Monday 10/3/2016

I am going to do something I really don't want to do today, go back to chesbro lake. I said I was going to go back in a

show so I am. It was a mistake as far as having a fun day, three fish all day. I fished the jerk bait after the local caught

them on one. I did catch fish which was better then last time but what a boring day. I do not understand those fish, the

shad were all over the surface but the fish did not bug them. I did not find any on the bottom either, I threw the drop

shot in between the jerk bait and only got three bites. Tried other baits but man what a bad bass lake, I guess that is

why everyone I talk to says they don't catch much here. I'm going back to a better lake next time. Until next blog.

Thursday 10/6/2016

I head back to Anderson today, hoping the shad are up like Chesbro. Well that is not the case, in fact I don't see any

shad at all on top. I spend the whole day throwing the drop shot and a jig once in awhile. I also don't end up with to

many fish, one more then Chesbro. I had better luck the last two times, that makes two bad shows in a row. I guess that

happens to the best of them but I hate making the trip and not filming a good show. I am hitting up the ponds again for

the next show, got an e-mail from the viewer. That should at least be a show with action and fish, he mentioned another

pond this time. See what happens. Until next blog.

Sunday 10/9/2016

Spent the day today at the coast guard pier with the viewer that took me to the ponds. He has fished the pier before

but never caught anything. He had a friend of his show up but with the wrong set up, bait, he did not last long. We

did catch fish pretty much all day long. He actually caught one before I started filming, yes made it a show. I used two

cameras this time and got some good footage. The fish are still bigger then average and are sitting in a spot near the

end of the pier. The wind has been off shore for the last week making it real easy to fish. I even went to a 1/2 oz. weight

for the last hour and caught fish. I am sort of backed up as far as shows, just like this blog, need to be more diligent in

editing and writing. Its just that I am not use to filming so much and I like to go over the footage the night of filming.

So I get nothing done on the computer because I spend all night watching footage. I also have a day job that has me

doing five days a week as of late. I'll work it out. Until next blog.

Monday 10/10/2016

Back to Coyote and I forgot it was a holiday, kind of why I picked Sunday to go to the pier. Coyote gets crowded on

the weekends so I try and not go. To my surprise it was pretty void of people this time, well the launch had people. I

set up on the point, and yes filmed another show. The fishing was so, so but I did get some bigger fish this time. The

fish as usual bit really well during the middle of the day then died off in the evening. The drop shot was the deal

again, not sure why but they love it in this lake. At the end of the day I met these two Russian men that were fishing

across the cove from me. They had seen me catch my fish, one came over to me earlier and I tied a drop shot rig for

him. The other old man took my set up and looked at it for a few minutes speaking his native tongue to the other. He

then said very simple, I agreed and went on my way as they packed to leave. The last hour I did not get a bite and

headed out myself. Until next blog.

Thursday 10/13/2016

Not sure where I want to fish today so I sort of check google to see my options. I am thinking Calero which is up

from Chesbro but decide on Uves because it is closer. Heard about this lake so I am excited to go but find the lake

really low. It is not that big when full but now is really small, almost the size of Pinto. Okay maybe bigger then that

but even a local says its the lowest he has seen. There are two spots you can fish from the launch, the launch itself

and a cove off to the right. I hit the launch but its shallow and I get nothing, head to the cove. Its much deeper and

I get a keeper from an old road bed. Nothing else after about an hour so I head back to the launch. This time I cross

over to a point I did not fish last time. You have to cross a soft mud area to get to it so I was lazy. Should of done it

because I get a couple fish right away on the drop shot. A few more bites but as evening looms the fish stop biting.

Not sure why these fish don't bite right before dark, they are fat and happy picking off shad during the day I guess.

The area I found off the point was a rock ledge, busted off a bunch on it. So I got enough fish to make a show, now

I just need time to edit it. Until next blog.

Wednesday 10/ 19/2016

Okay after many days off because of the day job schedule I decided to hit up Calero this time. Its the furthest away

from my house of all the lakes in the area. I get there without a hitch and the wind is already blowing at a pretty good

clip. This lake actually has boat access and five boats are on the water. One is a wake boarding boat,throwing the

usual three foot waves behind it. I scan the area I can fish and it all seems to be shallow, 3 - 4 feet at most. The wind

is making the water real dirty, along with the wake boat it turns muddy. I decide to head back to Chesbro, twenty or

so minutes back towards home. I cross the dam this time and fish the point all the people have told me bass are. I do

find fish on a rocky ledge that is just off the point. The problem is I do not get a hook in any of them, well one small

one that jumped off. I also lose every jig I have with me, five or six is the total. I also loose four drop shot rigs along

the way. So I fish two lakes and don't get a fish, or have footage for a show. One of the worst days since fishing the

newer lakes while Pinto remains closed. Until next blog.

Friday 10/21/2016

Back to a safe lake , Coyote, at least I know I can catch at least a fish there. Sure enough right off the bat I not only

get a fish but my PB for the lake. Its about 3.5 lb. and bit on a jig off the point I usually fish. I also get four more hits

on the jig but then guess what happens. I break it off, its the only one I have in that color, green pumpkin junebug.

I put on another jig and bust it off soon after on the tree that is down from the point. I then switch to the drop shot

and start breaking them off as well. Two days in a row of losing tackle left and right, I am pretty much clearing my

tackle box of jigs and small worms. Okay I go awhile with the same rig but am not getting a bite on green pumpkin.

This is the color I rocked this place with show after show the last month, what's up. I find a robo worm on the ground

and rig it up, catch two fish back to back. Its brown with a red flake and the black line running down it, don't know

the color. I get another bite then, that's right, break it off. I rig up a pole for my meal worms by the end off the day,

just want to catch fish. The green pumpkin only got one bite all day, I flicked the very end of the day and got one

more fish. The first storm of the year came threw last weekend, big winds and some good rain. It was a warm storm

but could of shut them off, that's my excuse anyway. Until next blog.

Monday 10/31/2016

Okay this is going to be a summery blog, I am filming so much I don't get to write the blog. I have fished three different

lakes since the last blog, and filmed at the pier. I went back to both Uvas and chesbro, had actual better days at both. I

hit up Coyote after a storm and got a better pb, 6.12 lb. and that's my best all year. I am trying to get myself back on

the youtube radar, got lazy and lost ground. You have to put up a show all the time or people forget about you and move

on. Pinto is still closed, at least the last time I checked, got some more storms so maybe it opened. I went to the lake the

other day to bail out my boat. It was pretty full and glad I did because the last storm gave them a good soaking. This

fall has been okay for the fishing and I should be able to fish other lakes for awhile before full on winter. Then I will be

back at Pinto for my vlog probably getting fish every time out. Pinto does not seem to be bothered by the cold water, I

get them in 45 degree water. I am going to try and keep up with the blog better then late. Until next blog.


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