Wednesday 11/2/2016

Went back to chesbro today to see if I could have another good day or fail to catch fish. I have had three bad days and

only one good one so who knows. I find people on the point I want to fish but it turns out it is a guy that was there last

time. His friends are cool and we fish together for the first couple hours, no fish. They leave and I head across the point

and try another shore. No action so I return to the point and fish real finesse. A weightless gotcha stick with a 5/0 hook

rigged texas. I actually catch a fish with the thing, nothing after that but I have hope. The shade starts covering the water,

usually this means a slow down. Not this time, I catch two fish in a row on a jig, one my PB for the lake. I end the day with

six fish I think, caught the others flicking. What I think happen was the water has gone down 2 feet since my last visit. It is

pretty shallow where I caught the fish. They did not feel safe until the shade got on the water and lowered the light. We are

talking two or three feet maybe, which means last time I caught them all day it was almost six feet. Turned out to be a pretty

good day and I filmed it to boot. Until next blog.

Sunday 11/6/2016

Been going to the pier but it has turned nasty the last few days. The kelp is starting to break up and is floating all over

the place. I cast out and get snagged on kelp floating by, plus a really strong swell angles my retrieve. I did not get a bite

today, and only a few bites last time out. It has also been high tide the last few days which scatters the kelp that is left

to fish in. The clock thing has now made it hard to make time to fish the pier. I get out around four usually from my day

job, gives me less then an hour to fish. It often takes 15 to 20 minutes in traffic to make it to the pier. I have been watching

the Pinto thing, still closed. Not sure when it will open, the water is still in the 60's I'm sure. Needs to get into the 50's for

the bloom to die off. Until next blog.

Monday 11/7/2016

Went back to Uvas today trying to get a PB out of that lake, been on a roll. I worked the point that got me the last keepers

but spent hours without a fish. Funny this lake has come up at least a foot from the first storms of the year. It is a little

lake, only 246 acres but the others in the area have gone down. The water also turned a dark brown since the last time, not

real brown but a change. I head across from the point and fish with another fisherman for about an hour. We talk and I get

a pop on the drop shot. I go back to the point and flick, second cast I get a fish, a good fish. It turns out to be my PB for

the lake, almost four pounds. Good know maybe the ledge will start giving me some fish, not another bite. I leave to the

road bed but not another bite the rest of the day. I almost got locked in, I thought I heard something about closing the

gate so I headed to the car. The ranger was just getting ready to give up on me, glad I headed to the car. I filmed the day

and am planning a few more this week, not sure what lakes. Until next blog.

Tuesday 11/8/2016

Headed back to Anderson today, have not been to the lake in awhile so why not. I get there and the water has come up

four feet by what I can tell. I think it is because of the storms we had but that's not the case. At the end of the day I run

into a ranger, he said they pumped in water. I try the point that is shallow first, took me a bit to find it with the higher

water. I break off a rig right away, then try a few active baits over it. Nothing so I trek back to the normal point I sit on

and work it the rest of the day. I find three fish the whole day, one on each bait I usually use, jig, flicking, drop shot. I

filmed as I usually do so it will be up to view at some point. I am still back in October as far as my show editing, I did

some tips & tricks for the first time in awhile. I got a new drone as well but still have not set it up. Its a professional one

and you need to be a jet fighter to get it set up. Aiming true north, flipping it, rotating it all in 30 seconds to get the GPS

to orient. Then you have to set the accelerator thing, confusing, I am going to do a blog about it. Until next blog.

Friday 11/11/2016

Did not know it was a holiday as I head out to Coyote today, might be crowded. Not really to crowded as I sit above

the lake where I usually park. There are some people on the point but by the time I head down they are both leaving.

Before they leave I hit up a spot next to them and catch two on the drop shot. After they leave and I get to the point

all hell breaks loose. The fish go nuts on the big three inch, get a few on other baits but flicking is the deal. Had a kid

next to me that I met before, he finds not much on the drop shot. I rig him up with the flicking and he finally gets a

good fish on it. I filmed of course and its going to be a great show when I get it done. I have now done all four new

lakes in a week, not sure where to fish next. Until next blog.

Monday 11/14/2016

Headed back to the old test pond today to film a blog about its demise. It had been a long time since I actually

walked the whole pond. I was amazed at how over grown it is now, no where for water to even sit except the far

end. Even the area by the parking lot is full of reeds, sad to see. Until next blog.

Wednesday 11/16/2016

Decided to do a show on lod school finesse fishing at Coyote, after such a good day last time. Well mother nature

put an end to that one real quick. A cold front moved in and 15-25 mph winds greeted me. I tried the point and then

went on a quest to find out of the wind water. I ventured all the way to the actual damn, never been that far. I did

find some calm water that way but no fish. I finally worked my way back to the point and sat there until the end. I

found one fish and one fish only that was willing to bite. It was a keeper but man one of the worst days of fishing

ever. I must of walked 2 miles trying different areas, and froze doing it. The high for the day was 57 but with that

wind it was much colder. Not sure what my day tomorrow will bring. Until next blog.

Thursday 11/17/2016

Okay was pretty sure I was not going back to Coyote today but I did. I saw the forecast called for 5 mph winds

so I figured why not film a show about after a cold front. Well the weather was nice but the fishing was not so

good. Yes its after a cold front but the water is still warm so I figured those fish would be biting. I worked it,

the point, all day and managed a few fish. I had some bites as well along the way but they were subtle. The cold

front did shut the fish down, probably cooled the water as well. I am hoping for Pinto to open back up soon, last

time I checked it said closed. I am heading there tomorrow to empty my boat, have not been since the last rain.

A new storm is coming this weekend so I want all the room I can in the boat for water. Until next blog.

Wednesday 11/30/2016

Been fishing as much as I can and doing some new blogs about interesting things. But winter is upon us and the

fishing has really slowed down. I went three lakes in a row without a fish, five six hours at each lake. The cold has

finally hit and some storms that were cold as well. I also found out I need to remove my boat from Pinto, its going

to be closed until summer 2017. They are finally going to use the grant they got to start cleaning the lake. Not sure

if until summer but for a long time at least. So I now have to find somewhere to fish all winter to catch fish. I have

the pier but rock fish time after time will get old. There are other saltwater places around here I have not tried, like

lovers point, stillwater cove ect. This blog is going to change as well, I mentioned not having time and its getting

even worse. I use to have a camera all the time fishing, now I have a video camera. Editing takes most of my time

now because of the need to upload shows at a quicker pace. I will go to more update style from this point on, I

mean its December and I am just loading November for god sakes. Hope you all understand and also hope you

enjoy more videos to watch. Any comments hit us up at Until next blog.


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