Central Coast Bass history


Central Coast Bass was originally conceived in 1995, at that time Scott Kawa

approached his bass pro friend Mark Hinsen to be the host. They made a

pilot show at lake Cachuma about fishing a sluggo ( if we find the VHS tape with

the original show we will upload it ). At that time they both found themselves

to busy to spend the time needed filming the shows, so one show was it.

Fast forward to 2003 and Scott Kawa having more time and still

thinking about Central Coast Bass. Again he approached Mark to be the

host and again Mark had no time to do the shows. So Scott decided to host

the show himself and Central Coast Bass was born again. He soon filmed

a few shows and had them airing on cable access ch2 to over 100,000 households

in the San Luis Obispo area. With a following and people wanting to own the show a five

show DVD was made and sold at local tackle shops. Then another snag to the

saga of the show, In order to keep his day job Scott had to move to S. F. in late 2004.

The show was on hold again since he had to sell his boat and would have

no time to do the show. In 2006 with the youtube invention and video being

easier to access on the web, Scott decided to stream his few shows he did and see

what happens. He soon got invites from other fishing only sites asking if he would host

his shows there. Then he moved to bittorents and that has lead to this site

and new shows and segments. Now back on the central coast, Scott Kawa is determined

to not let Central Coast Bass fade again, please enjoy this site.

Things you might not know about host Scott Kawa.

1. Not only did Scott fish as a youth he also skateboarded. He had many sponsors for his talent

as a vert skater. Towards the later part of his career he skated for Santa Cruz skateboards. He

has a wall full of trophies from those days.

2. Scott is also a designer and artist, he had his own boutique for 11 years. His clothing and art

can be found in a dozen or more countries. He still produces clothing and art to this day, although

now its just for fun.

3. Lastly Scott is a talented alternative 80's DJ, he had his own night for 5 years in SLO. In this

time he set the record for the busiest night ever in the nights 12 year history. He was also the

featured DJ for the upstart and now widely known Frozen film festival in S.F. He also played

at other various clubs in S.F. during his four years there.

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